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Chapter Ten – Expedited shipping

Despite the protests of her father and Sapho, Flavia insisted on having her wedding this evening. Flavia was eager to be done with Akiles for good. At her behest, many of the guests departed save for a select few. Flavia had wanted a small wedding anyway and not the loud crowded atrocity custom to Paros.

Only Sapho and Flavia’s personal body slaves remained in the room. Akiles body and the soiled bed linens had been removed without much pop. His body was dumped on the far side of the island to be picked clean by vultures.  Flavia relaxed in a tub of soothing water scented with lavender.  Slaves massaged a calming cream into her skin. “In your chest of presents, you will find a small box of oils. They have incredible healing properties and will make you look and feel as good as new.” Suggested the Queen.

“Can you get it for me please?” asked Flavia sweetly. She had recovered fully from her shock and was feeling elated at the sudden turn of events.

“Of course, love.” Said Sapho. She rose gracefully from her stool and walked over to the chest. She threw back the heavy lid and dug through the contents. Sapho found the small box of oils and selected one oil in particular. Dabbing a little bit on a piece of clean cloth, Sapho knelt to administer the healing liquid to Flavia’s wounds. They vanished immediately, much to the slaves’ wonder. Sapho presented Flavia with a mirror so that she could examine the truth for herself. The bruise was gone along with the bloodied lip. Her chest and neck were smooth of any scratches and bites. It looked as if nothing had happened at all.

“What is that stuff?” asked Flavia in awe.



Brandos fidgeted around nervously at the stone altar. He looked handsome in his regal attire. The sun seemed to have gotten stuck along the horizon; it should have set an hour ago and yet no one really noticed this celestial phenomenon. The few guests chittered quietly amongst themselves. They all rose when Queen Sapho entered the altar. Brandos bowed. Sapho embraced him warmly and soaked in his vibrant energy.

“Thank you, goddess.” He whispered into her ear.

“You are very welcome, mortal, or shall I say, brother?” she returned lovingly.

“I don’t know how I’m ever going to repay you. I’m sorry for being a dick in the beginning.”

“Brandos, don’t worry about it. You said you’d do anything and I tend to take things quite literally. You don’t owe me anything, except for one thing.” Said Sapho breaking away from his hug.

“Whatever you want, it is yours.”

In incredibly serious tones, Sapho said, “Your first born child.” Brandos stared back at her speechless. “Haha, I kid, Brandos, I kid.”

“Ohhh, haha.” Chuckled Brandos nervously.

“The only thing you can do for me is to love Flavia. I’ll let you know a little secret; this is not going to be your last life with her. Many many many centuries from now, your souls will be reunited. I’ll be there too but in a mortal form along with Marduk. Anyway, just never stop loving that woman. No matter how tough your life gets, whether it be stress from money, annoyance with family members, speeding tickets, the military, your hormonal future boss, or from one devilishly adorable pool girl and her crazy problems, love that woman. She is your salvation and will always be at your side to battle your problems. Don’t let your frustrations cloud your vision, Brandos, and don’t neglect what is the real truth about life.”

“Truth?” asked Brandos puzzled.

“The truth, brother, is that in all pursuits, whether they are juicy or under obligation, love is the only thing that matters.” Sapho stretched as tall as she possible could on her toes and kiss Brandos on the cheek. “I love you, you know.” She said with a smile.

“I love you too, goddess.” Returned Brandos, and he meant it.

Music began to play announcing that the wedding procession had begun. Tiny little girls scattered roses along the path through the altar. All the guests rose and gasped audibly at the magnificence they saw before them linked on Creon’s arm. Brandos’s heart stopped and he adored. Flavia wore a white gown that hung low off the shoulders. A band of large pearls circled beneath her full breasts and her dress flowed freely to her feet. It was diaphanous and sparkled in the reflecting sunlight. Her hair was unbound and her curls bounced freely down her back. She had placed the flower crown on top. Flavia smiled at Brandos and a small blush reddened her cheeks. Tears shined in her eyes out of the joy she felt. Creon kissed his beautiful daughter on the cheek, shook hands with Prince Brandos of Kriskos, and then left to take his seat beside the queen. 

The ceremony was short and sweet. Brandos swept her back in a deep kiss just as the sun finally began to set. The newlywed couple was awash in the reddish orange light that effused from the open walls of the altar. Rainbows glinted off the sparkles on Flavia’s dress. When the kiss had ended, Brandos pulled his wife back to a standing position.  “I think I love you, Brandos Nikolos Rankos.” Said Flavia quietly. Her eyes pooled warmly into his as she melted into his embrace.

“I love you too, Mrs. Flavia Kay Rankos.”

Achievement Unlocked: Got Married!









The End

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