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Chapter Four – La flagrante delicto

Flavia sat brushing her hair at her vanity table. It cascaded in silvery gold tresses down her back. She wore a simple linen night gown that she had personally shortened to her knees. Candles gently flickered in the lamps and the smell of smoky incense gave her chambers a most exotic atmosphere. Flavia enjoyed the quiet solace of her chambers at night. How many more nights would she have to herself? The door sounded. Flavia’s heart skipped. It was the tall dark slave! Flavia searched for her robe to cover herself. She could have sworn she left it on her bed but it was nowhere to be found. She would have to face the slave almost naked! Flavia ran over to the door. She took a few moments to pat her hair down and calm her breathing. Pat my hair down and calm my breathing? What in the Hell am I doing? Flavia opened the door partway and shielded her body behind the massive oaken frame.

“Can I help you?” Her blue eyes locked into the icy teal of the slave’s. He balanced a massive trunk on his shoulders.

“I’ve got a package for you.” Rumbled Brandos.

“A package.” repeated Flavia. It wasn’t a question, but a statement. Brandos simply smiled his sly smile.

“Yes, I have a package.” Flavia’s cheeks reddened. Clearly he was suggesting something but she couldn’t really figure it out.  She just stood there for a few moments and looked at the floor.

“My lady?” asked Brandos breaking the silence.


“I need you to move a little so I can get this big package in here for you.”

“Oh.” Flavia, feeling slightly stupid despite her best attempts at appearing calm, backed away from the door. She allowed the slave to enter and he walked over to where her bed was and deposited the trunk with a heavy thud onto the floor.  Flavia watched and her wide mouth fell open at the delicious display of his muscles rippling through his back. Brandos turned around the face her, but he kept his eyes on the floor. She had forgotten that she was in her pajamas!

Neither Brandos nor Flavia noticed as the thick door swung shut on its own, nor did they notice the soft reedy music that began to play from nowhere. A breeze wafted through the windows and ruffled through Flavia’s thin nightgown. She shivered.

“I’m cold.” Whispered Flavia. With eyes downcast, she bit her lip and fidgeted slightly to reveal her discomfort. Brandos knelt by the trunk and opened the lid. He pulled out a long robe made of bright red dyed wool. He crossed the short distance between them and draped the garment over Flavia’s white shoulders. The proximity of their two bodies was electrically charged. He could feel it, and so could she. Brandos knelt at her feet and Flavia gasped when he took one small foot into his large hands.

“What are you doing?” she asked quietly.

“You said you were cold, I’m warming you.” Brandos rubbed her tiny foot in gentle circular motions. Flavia was certainly getting warmer, but the sensation of heat seemed to burn elsewhere in her body. Brandos took her other foot and began to administer the same attention. His dark hair touched the soft skin of her knee. Gods, he could smell her subtle fragrance. She smelled of jasmine and gardenias and sunshine. Brandos kissed her the side of her knee. Flavia moaned deep in her throat and felt her body sway backward. Brandos released her foot and his hands rose to lock around her curvaceous hips to steady her. Again, he kissed the same spot but his time he traced his tongue in a small circle before kissing her. The feeling was unlike anything Flavia had every felt before. Brandos placed tiny kisses on the visible parts of Flavia’s legs, not daring to go further up the hem of her night gown. Flavia swayed and moaned but she did not protest to this strange and forward treatment. In fact, she luxuriated in this experience. She was not afraid of the slave, and she welcomed his kisses and caresses with an open heart. Flavia was being worshipped as Brandos dragged his skilled tongue up and down her sculpted calves. Even he moaned quietly.

“What, what is your name?” inquired Flavia breathlessly. She looked down at the slave who had then turned his face up to look at her. The look in Brandos’s eyes was of pure adoration. He took her little hands into his rough calloused ones and rose to his towering height. He leaned in so close that their bodies grazed each other with a tantalizing friction. Brandos bent his head down to her lips and murmured,


“Brandos.” She replied. Flavia closed her eyes and felt the impact of hungry lips on her beautiful mouth. His kiss seared the very resistance of her sanity and Flavia allowed herself to melt into his body. Her silky arms locked around his neck and she felt his muscular embrace tense around her waist. She was held captive as he showered hot kisses and stinging bites across her lips, face, neck and shoulders. Flavia returned them all with an equaled fervor. Her breathing became unsteady as his became hoarse. Brandos felt all the blood pool and harden in one central location in his body. He pressed it into Flavia’s soft skin.

“Oh!” Flavia was shocked and tried to break free except that Brandos would not let her. He did not penetrate her, but his hardened bulge threatened to release from his pants. Brandos just poked her in the belly and smothered her startled protests with more kisses. His hands raked through her hair to pull her face back. He looked at her with lowered eyes.

“Brandos.” She moaned. And, to his ultimate surprise, Flavia began to cry. Not soft little tears, but big heart wrenching sobs of misery. Flavia ripped free and fell to her vanity table and covered her face in her hands.

“My lady? What is wrong?” Brandos could kick himself in the nuts right now. He had pushed her too far, but dammit, he couldn’t control himself around her. He was about to explode in his pants just from kissing her and now he made her cry. “Did I hurt you?” Flavia continued to cry but shook her head no. Brandos threw his head back in anguish and swung his hand around rubbed the back of his neck.  He went to leave the chamber when Flavia finally spoke.

“Don’t leave.” She said through bitter tears. “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? What do you have to be sorry for? I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have kissed you.” Said Brandos, his voice laden with emotion.

“I’m getting married the day after tomorrow to a total and complete douchebag. He will never love me, and I don’t want to spend the rest of my life without love.” Brandos took a long inhale through his nose. He walked over to where Flavia sat and knelt at her feet. For the most part her tears had subsided except for a few sniffles here and there.  She looked up at him and managed a small smile. “I normally don’t cry. I needed that.” Said Flavia. She reached for a tissue on the edge of her vanity and blew her nose.

“You know,” said Brandos, “You don’t have to marry him.”

“You don’t understand, I don’t have a choice. My father made that decision for me. It’s either marry Akiles or walk into the ocean and drown.”

“Come with me.” He implored.


“I have money, lots and lots of money. I have a house and land. I can take care of you. Say the word and I’ll smuggle you out of this palace and you will never, ever have to even think of Akiles again. Hell, I’ll even kill the bastard for you.” Flavia took a moment to ponder his words. With her sad eyes and her firm set on her jaw she said,

“You’re a slave, Brandos. I can’t run off with a slave.”

“I’m not a slave, I promise you. Flavia.” His snowy blue eyes searched her tearstained face. “There are some things that you don’t understand yet and it’s a little confusing to explain.” Brandos would have continued except Flavia cut him off.

“I just wish...” she announced and broke free from of Brandos’s gaze to stare across the room.

“Tell me what you wish, and I’ll make it happen.” Tenderly, Brandos grasped Flavia’s chin so that he could once again look into her beautiful eyes. He had risen slightly to a crouch and his face hovered inches from her rosy lips. “Tell me what you wish.” Brandos said again. His voice was quiet and raspy.

“I wish that I could be loved.” Whispered Flavia. Brandos kissed her with a passion to be rivaled. Kisses rained over her lovely face, and Brandos could taste her salty tears. It wasn’t long before the nightgown and robe began to slide down Flavia’s shoulders. The swells of her large breasts were exposed and Brandos seized the opportunity to tease her sensitive flesh.  Flavia moaned and wriggled on her cushioned seat. Heat pooled and surged between her thighs. Brandos nipped on her sweet skin until the desire was too strong to be denied. Abruptly he broke away from the tender assault upon her top half. Brandos placed his hands on her knees and parted them. He shoved his face towards that sacred spot.

“Ohhhh!” exclaimed Flavia breathlessly. Her head shot backward and her legs began to twitch and shake. The taste of her was unlike anything else. With a roar Brandos stood up. Flavia was flopped over one of his massive shoulders and he transported both of them over to her large bed. Brandos threw her down and Flavia landed with a poof onto a mountain of pillows and scented linens. Brandos stood strong with a tautness drawn over his already firm features. The candle light was starting to bank which made Brandos look like some kind of dark and menacing demon. Flavia reclined on the bed with her elbows braced behind her. The robe and nightgown had fallen down and draped around her middle. Her large pillowy breasts beckoned to be touched. Quietly, she shuddered.

Brandos bent low. His face lowered to meet her upturned mouth but he did not kiss her. Instead, he licked her lips with a skilled tongue and traced liquid heat down her neck, between her breasts, into her navel, over her pubic bone, until he had reached the juicy nectar. Brandos shoved his tongue inside her and Flavia began to thrash. Her little hands grasped onto the fabric of her sheets and tugged on them to release her pleasure. Brandos kissed and nipped the inside of her thighs. He dragged a heavy tongue up and down her dewy folds luxuriating in her essence. Flavia’s vagina was smooth and plump and perfect. Brandos would periodically pause just to admire the sheer beauty of sex. His calloused fingers parted some of the petals so that her jewel was revealed. He began to flick his tongue, quickly yet softly. Flavia moaned and tried to push away. Brandos’s response was to shove her knees to the bed and he held them there with a lock hard grip. He went down on her in a forceful blaze. He licked, he sucked, he bit, he teased, he rubbed, he worshipped, he loved. Flavia began to convulse and her increasingly loud throaty cries told Brando’s that she was nearing the precipice of pleasure. Flavia felt an incredible tension charge at the base of her sex. Her back came off the bed as shards of blistering pleasure erupted into all the cardinal points of her body. Flavia writhed and squirmed and Brandos continued to increase the pressure of his tongue until poor Flavia had no choice but to release her juices all over his chin.

Flavia lay on her back and breathed heavily. Her eyelids were shut and her exhaustion was evident. Brandos rose and licked the sweet nectar on his lips. Carefully he lifted Flavia and repositioned her so that her head nested on top of soft pillows. He drew up a blanket around her and lowered himself once again. Brandos kissed her eyelids, her nose, the corners of her mouth, her chin, and then finally planted a deep kiss upon her beautiful wide mouth. Flavia’s eyes opened.

 She lifted a hand and began to caress the prickly stubble of Brandos’s chin. “Thank you.” She said quietly. Her eyes were warm with pleasure. Another emotion existed in there as well but she didn’t know exactly what.

“You’re welcome.” Replied Brandos in turn. He just stared into her lovely eyes and felt his heart begin to steady. “This is just a taste of the things I can show you. Come with me.” Flavia closed her eyes again and sighed. She fell asleep with a small smile on her lips.

Brandos hovered over her and watched her sleep for several minutes. He planted a gentle kiss on her forehead before leaving. He licked his lips; her sweet juices still lingered on his mouth and chin. With a stupid grin on his face, Brandos nearly skipped through the palace.

Achievement Unlocked: Velvet Tipped!




The End

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