Chapter VI

‘I have it!’ Foxglove sprang up in the meeting room, where she, Hazelnut and Blossom were huddled, discussing the problem.
    ‘Go on then! Tell us!’ squeaked Blossom and Hazelnut.
    ‘We’ll just have to find another bush!’
    ‘Yes! Of course, Mother. How clever of you!’ Blossom clapped her paws in delight and eeked excitedly.
    ‘I’m going out,’ squeaked Foxglove. ‘To find another bush. Coming?’
    ‘I’ll come, Mother,’ eeked Blossom, jumping up and scampering out of the door too.
    ‘I’ll stay here and look after the mouselings,’ said Hazelnut. ‘I wonder where they’ve gone…’ he squeaked, starting to search.
    Blossom and Foxglove set off from their blackberry-less bush, in search of a new source of fruit. All the way they thought of what kind of bush they might find and what they would use the fruit for.
    ‘Look!’ squeaked Blossom loudly, almost deafening her mother.
    ‘What!’ whispered her mother, covering her velvety ears with her furry ginger paws.
    ‘Bush! It has pink fruits on it!’ gasped Blossom, her eyes twinkling once again.
    ‘So it has!’ squeaked her mother in wonder, whiskers twitching, tail swaying in excitement.
    And what a bush it was! Covered in the pinkest, juiciest raspberries ever seen. And best of all, the rats didn’t know about it! So there would be lots of juicy nibbles just for the mice.



The End

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