Chapter IV

    Inside the blackberry bush, the sweet mouse family were waking up, stretching their furry paws and tails, giving little eeks of contentment, making whiskery ‘good-mornings’, and cleaning the moss out of their velvety ears. While the mother, Foxglove, was tidying up the beds and finding lovely soft, clean moss and fresh, dry leaves for them, the father and three daughters went out to collect their winter stores of delicious blackberries. They scampered outside in a line, holding onto one another’s tails, twitching their fleecy noses while they sniffed the air to make sure that it was safe to go out.
    ‘All clear!’ reassured their father, Hazelnut. ‘No badgers, no foxes, no nothings!’
    Blossom, the eldest daughter, stopped suddenly, the twinkle in her eyes fading, and causing her little sisters to bump into her. ‘No blackberries!’ she squeaked, looking up at the bush above their home.

The End

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