Chapter II

Meanwhile the Stinker Rat family had woken up early, scratching their fleas and rubbing their scabby bits. All the Stinker boys, with their father, Potato-Peel, scrabbled out from inside the compost heap, batting each other with their muddy claws to get in front. The first to emerge, Potato-Peel, clawed a mouldy cabbage leaf from his head. Next came Banana-Skin, the eldest boy, still wearing his banana-skin night-cap, the remains of the black banana oozing down his scabby face. He was closely followed by Dung and Rotten, his younger brothers, who both smelled of something… well… we won’t go into that. They swarmed over the compost heap, closing their shifty eyes and lifting high their spiky noses to catch the scent of something with new mould on, something delicious to gobble. They stuffed all the choicest munchies into a rotten tomato and kicked it down their hole.
    Then, while Mouldy their mother, was sorting it out, the rats scrabbled to the blackberry bush, flicking their tails with greed, and took as many juicy, plump, purple blackberries as they could carry.

The End

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