Juicy Nibbles

A short, sweet little story that I made about two years ago! I hope you enjoy it!!

Chapter I


In a little hole inside a sweet blackberry bush in a corner of a big cornfield lived a small, velvety mouse family. In a stinking compost heap next door lived a pesky rat family. The pale sun was rising on Winter’s Eve, the day every animal would be out collecting winter supplies.
    The Blackberry Mouse family were asleep in their little mossy family bed, snuggled up to one another, their hearts in their tiny gingery bodies all beating to the same rhythm, tails wrapped around each other and whiskers brushing each others’. They were dreaming of blackberry pie, blackberry sauce, blackberry ice cream - all their favourite winter food. And Foxglove, the mother mouse, was seeing in her mind all the lovely potions and lotions she’d make to keep those grey hairs away.

The End

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