This is a true story that I wrote into a script. Every single word of it is true.
This happened to me at a music camp I was at so sorry for any obscurities

(an Interprovincial Music Camp cabin, during free time, there are around 8 girls in the bunk room)

(cabinmate runs in)

K.B.- Oh my gosh! guess what I saw?


K.B.-okay, I was waiting in the line for the tuck shop and there was  this girl


(K.B.- look of discust appears)

K.B.- she had hello kitty cut into her arm! I've never seen a real emo person before!

(two girls get up and leave seperetly)


(11:05 PM)

(one of the girls who left, A.A. , and hasn't been seen since enters the cabin, she has a cut on her hand)

S.B. Where the fuck were you?

K.B. You're late for curfew again! Were you with that guy?

A.A. who?

K.B. that guy who you're always with

A.A. ummm... I guess

S.B. oh my gosh! what were you doing?

K.B. are you two together?

M.L. were you making out?

S.B. did u do it?!

A.A. WHAT? NO! of course not!

S.B. shuuurrreee...

A.A. you're kidding right?

(S.B. notices cut on A.A.'s hand)

S.B. oh my gawd! what the fuck did you do to your friken hand?

A.A. what? Oh, i fell on the trail

K.B. ha ha, you really think we're going to believe you

A.A. what? wait... you think I ment to do this?

S.B. ha ha, you're so emo!

A.A. okay this conversation us getting us nowhere, I'm going to bed

S.B. oh my gosh, ur such a fucking bitch!

K.B. I bet that you have a boyfriend, cheated on him with that guy, and then felt bad and cut yourself!

S.B. (laughs) ya!

K.B. you're such a fucking bitch!


M.L. Bitch!


(A.A. leaves the room crying and shuts herself in the washroom, listens to the girls continue on talking about her for 20 minus before a counciler comes in and makes them go to bed,she falls asleep to their continued insults)

The End

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