Judgment Day-002

Clutching the diamond Celtic cross that always hung from my neck and listening to The Secret Machines' version of Blue Jay Way, I began to finally grasp the concept of what it actually meant to be leaving. I was gone, and there was no turning back. Sure, I could visit, and I could move back here someday, but it would never be the same as actually growing up here in Dublin, the place I've always loved.

Yes, I was sad, but tears wouldn't come. In a way, I was excited about moving to Worcester, Massachusetts all the way over in the United States. I would get a change to discover myself in new ways, meet new people, and go on new adventures. Isn't that what I've always wanted? 

Suddenly, my phone vibrated in my hand to alert me of my message from Shane. 

are u on the plane yet?Shane's text said.

no I replied not for another 45 minutes or so. don't stop texting me until im on the plane, k?

no problem Shane said.

Shane and I didn't stop texting each other until I got onto the plane (within that time I walked strait into at least five people and two street lamps). I told Shane that I would call him as soon as the plane landed, and he replied with cool, i hope you don't get jet lagged. xD

About ten minutes after getting onto the plane, it started to proceed toward the runway in order to take off. When it finally did, I just stared out of the window in order to soak up as much of the Ireland scenery as I could. 

I wouldn't be seeing for a long time. 


The End

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