Sudden ActionsMature

Katie and Tracey looked confused, "There's got to be a catch. There always is with you, so what is it?" asked a confident Tracey. He stood with a cheesy grin and replied calmly, "You honestly think I have a catch, you must be mental. I've got nothing planned, just wanted to make sure you weren't in any pain." So believing him she replied, "The pain relief is good so no I'm not in pain." His cheesy grin grew on his face and he whispered, "Well that's great news, so you surely are the luckiest person here." Katie stood up as John stepped closer. He swung round and quickly kissed Katie passionately on the lips.

Tracey was shocked and even more so as Katie didn't push him away. She slapped him afterwards and demanded he leave. He left with a huge grin on his face. "What the hell just happened?" screeched Tracey. Katie looked at her and replied, "I don't honestly know, he's just trying so hard to break us up clearly. He should know I'll never leave you for him, I love you too much babe." she slowly sat back down. Tracey looked down and then asked quietly, "Why didn't you push him away? It didn't seem like you minded him kissing you." a tear rolled down her cheek.

John got back into bed and kept a close eye on the door of Tracey's side room. It wasn't long before the door opened and Katie left crying. John seen this as an opportunity to make things worse between the two, he sneaked back into Tracey, who was also crying. "Aww what happened Tracey? She realise she still wants me?" chuckled John. Tracey looked up and replied aggressively, "She just needed some air to get over your horrible lips touching her!" He stopped smiling and stepped closer to her bed and whispered, "You say you weren't in pain? Well looks like I found a pain that stings no matter what! She don't need you anymore!"

Katie returned unexpectedly as John raised his fist to hit Tracey. "What the hell are you doing? Get away from her! Security, please, security!" she shouted as she stood in the doorway. John lowered his fist and spun round to face Katie, "You little cow, why did you return? You've ruined everything!" he shouted angrily. Security guards came and removed him thankfully, leaving Katie to properly talk to Tracey about how she feels about her.

The End

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