Spite Brings RelationsMature

Later that same day, Imogen returned to John's bedside. John was not pleased to see her, even more unhappy because with her was Rebecca. A tall, short haired blonde with hazel eyes, pale glowing skin and a slender figure. She seemed intimidating and protective. "Hey bro, I'm sure you have met my girlfriend once before. Can you tell me where to find Katie?" asked Imogen smugly. He looked at her and then at Rebecca, "Yeah I think we have and if that's all you've come here for then tough, I can't help you." he replied confidently. He just smirked and stared evilly at Rebecca, who flipped and screamed, "You carry on winding me up, I'll knock you out!" She went right up to his face and nearly grabbed his throat because he decided to laugh at her.

"Rebecca no, he's not worth getting in trouble over. We'll go find her ourselves, he's just a childish idiot." dictated Imogen as she pulled Rebecca away. John was relieved that she was pulled away. They both walked away from John and went to reception to see if they could point them in the right direction. "I'm sorry but I can't help you, if you had the name of the person they were visiting I'd be able to help." claimed the receptionist. Imogen seemed all out of hope and sat down. "Come on babe, we'll find her. Where was she when you had a chat about John?" Rebecca comforted. She remembered stopping Katie entering a room just off John's ward, she quickly stood and was on route for the room.

"I'm sure this is where I seen her." noted Imogen positively. She tapped on the door before opening it slowly. "Imogen? What are you doing here?" asked a surprised Katie. "I'm sorry, I just needed to see that John explained why he hated me. This is Rebecca, my girlfriend." explained Imogen. "Nice to finally meet you Imogen, nice to meet you too Rebecca. Katie was just telling me about your brother's disapproval." welcomed Tracey kindly. So Imogen and Rebecca stepped in and shut the door.

"So if John hadn't told me, you were gonna be honest by letting me meet Rebecca? You were gonna tell me the reason by showing me proof?" asked Katie confusingly. Imogen thought for a moment then nodded in response. "I was hoping to get a chance to smash John's face in." admitted Rebecca aggressively. Katie couldn't help but laugh. "Sorry but I couldn't help it. Your girl's got the right idea of meeting your brother." claimed Katie. She just joined in on laughing and agreed. All four of them got on really well and joked about things in the past that had happened, they even shared stories.

Meanwhile, John lay in bed thinking of new ways of ruining Katie and Tracey's relationship.

"We'll have to come see you again sometime, hopefully not in here though." said Rebecca cheerfully as she nudged Imogen's arm. Imogen looked slightly shy all of a sudden, "Can I have your phone number or address?" she asked quietly. Katie chuckled and replied, "Of course you can, you wouldn't be able to find us otherwise." She wrote down her number and address and Tracey's number and address. "Here you go." she said as she handed the piece of paper to Imogen. Rebecca smiled and escourted Imogen away slowly. She noticed John staring and kissed Imogen. He soon looked away in disgrace making her laugh.

Imogen and Rebecca left the hospital and sat outside on a nearby bench. "I really don't want to go just yet." pleaded Rebecca. Imogen just agreed that she didn't want to leave yet either. "It might be a little while before we can see them again. Maybe we should of told them all, even John." stressed Imogen. Rebecca hugged her and whispered soothingly, "It's too soon to break that sort of news, there's plenty of time yet." Imogen just cried into Rebecca's chest. 'I hope anyway.' she thought to herself. They stayed outside the hospital for just under an hour before walking to Rebecca's car.

Back inside, Katie and Tracey were sat talking cheerfully. John had hopped out of his bed and was heading straight to Tracey's room. They were startled by him entering unexpectedly, "What are you doing here?" asked Katie nervously. He just chuckled and stepped closer, "I thought I'd come and see how you're girlfriend's healing up. You got a problem with that?" he replied with a hint of sarcasm. "Another one of your mind games is it John?" asked Tracey sarcastically. "I'm not here to play mind games, I come to ask you whether you're in any pain?" he sniggered.

The End

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