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Andy and Katie spent the night in Tracey's room, he was awake before anyone else at about 6am. Katie and Tracey were still holding hands, they seemed inseparable and happy. Andy got up and left the room quietly, he paid John a visit. John was strangely awake too, "What do you want? I've had enough lectures about my behaviour." he asked scarcely. Andy chuckled and then replied, "You expect everyone to forget what you caused? You're even dumber than I thought. I need to know whether you said anything to upset Katie. You might as well tell me, I'll find out from her eventually." John became uneasy and started scanning the ward for a nurse.

No such luck so he just took a deep breathe and briefly explained, "I only told her what she wanted to hear. She asked about my sister and I answered honestly, but of course she didn't like my answer." Andy looked down and asked, "What exactly was she trying to find out about your sister?" John realised he had a chance to sabotage Katie's relationship again. He answered, "I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but Katie was trying to find out if my sister was available. I think she thinks that Tracey won't pull through. You know she's trying to get a back up relationship ready." Andy found John's lie strangely convincing and decided to leave John and go outside to think.

Meanwhile, Katie had just woke up and realised Andy wasn't there. She released Tracey's hand and left the room quietly. 'Where would he of gone?' she thought as she paced the ward. John seen her walking round and beckoned her over. "What do you want?" asked Katie abruptly. He chuckled and replied smarmingly, "Just wondered if you had seen Andy yet? I think he'll want a word with you." She walked over to him and demanded, "You better tell me what the hell you've said to him. If you think telling him a bunch of lies is gonna destroy me, then you're more than wrong." He just looked at her and yawned, "I don't have to tell you anything, all I want to tell you is that Andy doesn't trust you. He came to me asking what you chatted to me about." he exclaimed. She just walked away from him and carried on looking for Andy.

With no luck finding him on the ward or near the canteen, Katie walked outside to look and seen Andy sat on a bench with his head in his hands. She walked over to him and asked, "Is everything alright Andy?" he slowly looked up. "Yeah everything's fine, but I need to ask you about something." he admitted quietly, she sat next to him. "What do you wanna know?" she asked. He looked down and mumbled, "I trust you and all, but I went to talk with John. He seemed so convincing with what he said, but I didn't want to ask you infront of Tracey." She responded positively, "Ask me whatever you want I've got nothing to hide." He smiled at her and went quiet for a while.

Katie waited patiently for Andy to ask his questions. "When you said you were going to get some fresh air did you go and see John instead?" he asked. She nodded and replied, "Yeah, I needed to get some answers." He looked at her confident face and asked, "What did you ask him about? Was it about his sister?" She nodded once again and explained, "I had to ask him why he basically disowned his sister. He told me that he didnt accept what she was, he said she was the same as me. I felt the desire to kill him, but returned to you and Tracey. You asked me if everything was alright, but I was upset and that's why I went on the roof to clear my head. I need to talk to Immy, just to put my mind at rest." He smiled and then commented, "I think it best we leave it at that, I believe you more than John. If you need to talk to her you'll have to talk to John first, to get her number or something." She nodded and then they both walked back inside.

Tracey just woke as they entered the room, "Morning babe." cried Katie as she entered with Andy. She smiled and replied, "Morning bab, morning Andy." Katie sat at the bottom of the bed and Andy sat beside Tracey. "Can I talk to Tracey alone please Katie?" asked Andy politely. Katie nodded and headed to the canteen to get a drink. "What did you want to talk to me about?" asked Tracey anxiously. He just pulled out the item he had once put in her hand and replied, "I thought you might want this back, it's been 2 years since I gave it to you. I didn't want Katie to see it." He gently placed the gold charm bracelet in her hand, he then stood and emotionally said, "I think the best I can do now is leave you in the care of Katie. So good-bye, maybe we'll meet again but I doubt it." he left the room and found Katie. He explained how he had to get going and then left.

Katie returned to Tracey, who was crying, and comforted her. She put the charm bracelet in Katie's hand and demanded, "Get rid of this as soon as you can, I don't want to remember." Katie nodded and put it in her pocket temporarily. Tracey slowly began to calm down, she stopped crying and lay holding her girlfriend's hand. "He's gone, for good." Tracey whispered.

The End

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