A Rapid RecoveryMature

Katie stood by John's bed waiting for him to wake up again. By the time he woke she had sat down, "What are you doing here?" he asked quietly. She sat forward and replied, "Finally you've woke, I thought you could clear a few things up for me." He looked confused, but remained silent. "Why did you basically disown your sister?" she asked. He smirked and replied, "You really wanna know, it's because of what she is. She's something I cannot accept. She's the same as you." Katie knew what he was saying and stood up, "I guess that's why you tried ruining everything for me." she commented as she walked away from him.

Katie headed back to Tracey whilst John lay back with a huge grin on his face. "Hey Katie, you alright now you got some fresh air?" asked Andy as she entered the room. She nodded in response. "Tracey should be waking up soon, she is improving rapidly." he explained briefly. Katie smiled and approached the bottom of Tracey's bed, "That's great to hear, hopefully I'll be here when she wakes." she mumbled quietly. Andy stood up and approached he, calmly placed his hand on her shoulder and asked, "What's wrong Katie? I can tell something's up, please talk to me." She just stood and stared at Tracey's chest rising and falling.

He gently turned her to face him and persisted, "Please talk to me, I want to help." She shrugged him off and mumbled, "It's nothing, I'm just a little tired I think." He got her to sit down, then he stood and kept a close eye on her. 'Does she honestly think I'm gonna believe that?' he thought. There was a horrid silence, Tracey's breathing seemed loud until Andy broke the silence with a cough. Katie felt uncomfortable, stood and headed for the door, "Where you going now?" asked Andy curiously. She turned and replied, "I need some time to think about stuff. I'll be back soon." She left the room and headed for the stairs.

Andy went to go after her, but a nurse came in to check Tracey over, so he stayed where he was. Katie headed up to the roof to think about what John had said. She stared at the people and cars rushing around below, she imagined they were thoughts running through her head. Once each "thought" went out of sight she felt they had been erased. Strangely the thought of what John had said was not leaving, it stuck around and made her unhappy. 'Why god damn it? Why won't you disappear?' she thought as she sat on the edge of the building.

Meanwhile, the nurse left Tracey's room. Andy sat next to Tracey once again and tried explaining why Katie wasn't there, Tracey had now come round and was asking after her. "I dunno where she is, but she said she needed time to think. I was gonna go after her." he explained briefly. Tracey raised her hand slightly and mumbled, "I need her, please find her." He took her hand and whispered, "I will go find her for you, dont worry." he then left the room and headed to reception.

By this time, people had crowded outside the hospital and police had been called. They feared Katie was going to jump off the roof. Andy asked at reception about Katie's whereabouts, the reply he got worried him. He was told that she was on the roof. He rushed to the lift and took it to the top floor, then went up the remaining stairs to the roof access. "Katie, what are you doing?" he shouted as he stepped out onto the roof. She turned slowly and replied, "How'd you know I was up here? I only wanted time to think, the best place is up high." He didn't know whether to approach her or not, so he asked politely, "Can you please come away from the edge?" She carefully stood up and moved off the edge of the building.

"Thank you, I needed to find you so I asked the receptionist. Tracey's come round and she's asking for you." commented Andy, "I dunno what's happened, but you don't seem to be quite yourself. Is everything ok?" he added. She dropped to the floor and put her hands on her face, "To be honest, no everything's not alright. It's not the time or place to explain at the moment. We better go back to Tracey." she briefly explained. Andy got her up and escorted her back to Tracey's room, the police were just climbing the stairs at this time and stopped them, "Did you two just come from the roof?" asked the one officer. They nodded in response, "We're not in trouble are we?" Andy asked timidly. "No, but we'd like to talk about why you were up there, so close to the edge." claimed the other officer.

The officers took Katie and Andy to the relatives' room to talk in private. Andy and Katie had to explain their reasons for being on the roof, she had to explain why she was right on the edge. Luckily they were let go with a stern warning. They slowly returned to Tracey, who was slightly tired and worried. "Sorry it took so long to find her Tracey." apologized Andy as he sat Katie next to the bed. Katie put her hand out to Tracey and whispered, "I am so sorry babe, I wanted to be here when you woke. I just had so much going on in my head. I'm not gonna leave your side now." she smiled as Tracey took her hand. "Thank you for finding her Andy." commented Tracey. He smiled and grabbed another chair to sit at the bottom of the bed.

Katie hid her worries away from Tracey, she believed it best not to burden her. Andy kept quiet about the whole roof ordeal, he believed it wasn't his place to say about it. Katie seemed generally happier now that Tracey was conscious again. "Hey Tracey you won't pull a stunt like that again will you?" asked Katie sarcastically. Tracey looked at her and replied quietly, "I wouldn't plan on doing it again, I never planned on doing it in the first place. I'm really sorry babe, I won't worry you like that again."

The End

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