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Tracey was put in a side room just off the ward that John was on. Andy went to get himelf and Katie a drink, on his way to the canteen area he noticed John. "What are you doing in here?" asked Andy aggressively. He was surprised to see him and replied quickly, "I don't want to be me, especially after what I caused. Is she ok?" Andy walked around the side of his bed and whispered, "What's it to you? You're just a selfish little boy." Andy then walked away, leaving John thinking.

Meanwhile, Katie was sat holding Tracey's hand and softly praying that she'd be okay. Tracey's vital signs were quite strong and promising, which made Katie smile. Andy soon returned with a drink for Katie. "I seen a familiar face on my way to the canteen area." he commented. Katie took her drink and replied, "Thanks Andy, who did you see? Anyone I know?" He just smiled, nodded and then chuckled. "That guy who caused this." he replied. "Where is he?" asked Katie forcefully.

Andy pointed to the ward, Katie released Tacey's hand, put her drink down and paced the ward in search of John. When she spotted him she marched over and grabbed his bad arm. "Ah! You cow, get off me!" cried John in pain. "Let me guess, self inflicted?" commented Katie as she released his arm. He just nodded and looked away, "I know I deserve all the guilt of what happened, but can I tell you something? I never told you that I stopped taking my anti-depressants. That's the reason I became aggressive and ruined our relationship. That's also why I did this and caused...her pain." he explained. She just shook her head in disgrace, "Don't make excuses." she replied and then went back to Tracey.

Andy was stood at the bottom of the bed looking at Tracey resting. Just as Katie entered, he placed something in Tracey's hand. "Hey, is she alright?" she asked. Andy just replied, "Her status hasn't changed. I guess you found him?" She nodded and sat beside the bed. She was upset, so Andy placed his hand on her shoulder. "Aww Katie, what's up? What happened with John?" asked Andy sympathetically. She once again released Tracey's hand and stood up. "I really need some fresh air, I'll see you in a minute." she exclaimed as she headed to the door. He just nodded and sat next to Tracey as she left the room.

Katie slowly walked through the ward like she was searching for something. She got to reception and noticed John's sister talking to the receptionist, who seemed preoccupied with the phone and paperwork. "Hey Imogen, you here to see John?" asked Katie as she tapped Imogen on the shoulder. "Oh my god, Katie I haven't seen you in a while. Do you know where John is?" replied Imogen. She nodded and led her to her brother, "Nice to see you again, but I best get going. See you around Immy." claimed Katie. John spotted his sister talking with Katie, they hugged good-bye and walked their seperate ways.

"Hey, what happened bro?" asked Imogen caringly. John looked away and muttered in response, "I got depressed, that's what happened." She took hold of his left hand and he looked at her, "Please tell me why you're in here." she begged. He could see that she truly cared and replied, "I done something terrible, then the guilt made me cut." She shook her head and asked, "How terrible was the thing you did? I want to understand, I don't want to be an enemy anymore." He shook his head and pulled his hand away from her. "I can't tell you, I'm sorry. You shouldn't of even came." he grumbled.

Meanwhile, Katie just decided to head back to Tracey and Andy. As she went to enter the room, Imogen came running up behind her. "Katie, can we talk please?" she asked desperately. "If it's about John I'd rather not talk. I really need to go." she replied. Imogen grabbed her arm and demanded she go outside to talk. She gave in and went outside with her, they sat on a bench infront the hospital. "I'm sorry Katie, it's just that I need to know a few things." pleaded Imogen apologetically. "Ok what is it you need to know? I'm not gonna promise I can answer all, but I'll try." Katie said confidently.

At the same time, John was feeling weak and drowsy. His stats began to drop as he slipped into unconsciousness, luckily a nurse noticed and got help immediately. He was soon stabilised, the cause of his sudden pass out was determined and dealt with. He had reopened his wound when Katie had grabbed his arm. His arm had to be re-stitched and redressed.

Imogen smiled at Katie and asked, "Thanks for this Katie. So what did my bro do that was so terrible?" Katie took a deep breathe and replied, "The answer for that should really come from John, but I know he's not one for answering questions. So, he and I broke up, I met someone else and he got super jealous." she paused for a moment then continued, "He became aggressive and caused my new partner to do something stupid. I'm here for her, not him." She understood perfectly and asked, "Why did you make sure I got to see my bro? He never wanted me here."

Katie looked down and replied, "I know that he says he needs no-one, but he does need someone really. One thing I don't understand is why he avoided any conversation about you and tried denying that you existed?" Imogen looked at her watch and then stood up, "I've gotta get going. You should ask him why, I know that he don't want to know me, but he needs someone like you. Anyway, bye Katie." she explained and then walked off. Before Katie could say anything back she was gone, so she just walked back into the hospital and went to see John.

Meanwhile, Andy sat waiting for Katie to return. Tracey's stats seemed to be improving even more and there was hope that she would soon be awake. He held Tracey's hand and whispered, "I don't know where Katie's got to, but she'll be so happy to hear you're recovering quickly. You've had her in pieces with that little stunt." He reached over to her other hand and took back the item he placed in her hand, "I don't want to cause any trouble, it's best that I return this another day." he mumbled.

The End

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