Embrace DeathMature

At the hospital, Katie sat anxiously with Andy in the waiting room. They were waiting to be updated on Tracey's status, she was being operated on to save her life. "She's strong Katie, I'm sure she'll pull through. That's a thing I loved about her, I felt happy knowing he would pull through, no matter what happened." explained Andy briefly. Katie looked at his miserable but calm face and mumbled, "She really is a strong person, but I think she's been hit too hard this time to come back without alot of help." She smiled at him and he just nodded.

Meawhile, John had stopped thinking and was walking along the street back to Tracey's house. He seemed upset, worried and angry. When he got to Tracey's house he walked up to the door and sat on the doorstep. Out of his pocket he pulled out a small swiss army knife, 'I don't want to be this person, I want to care abou others. I don't want to hurt anyone again.' he thought as he slowly slid the knife along his left arm. He watched the blood trickle from the wound and became very calm. He then passed out, dropping is knife in a pool of his blood.

Back at the hospital, Katie and Andy had just been told that Tracey had pulled through the operation, but they were also warned that she had a long way to go before she can be in clear. Whilst she was stable Katie and Andy sat with her. "You're gonna get through this babe," she looked at Andy an added, "We're here for you." Andy was shocked, but smiled anyway and nodded.

An old lady was walking her highland white terrier past Tracey's house, she noticed John on the doorstep and called for an ambulance. He had lost a considerable amount of blood and was still unconscious. The old lady waited for the ambulance to arrive before carrying on her walk.

At Tracey's bedside, Katie held her hand tightly. At this moment Tracey took an unexpected turn and flatlined. "Tracey, no! Please somebody help!" shouted a worried Katie. Her and Andy were removed from the room, whilst the doctors resuscitated her. "It's ok Katie, Tracey's making a short embrace with death and then she'll return to us." comforted Andy. He hesitated a comforting hug. After an agonising couple of minutes she was stable again. Once again they sat with her.

John was rushed to hospital where they gave him a blood transfusion to stabilise him. He had no ID on him, so was registered as a temporary John Doe. Before he stabilised his heart stopped and they rushed to bring him back. After a tense two minutes his heart began to beat again. They found his mobile and noted down a random number from his contact list.

The receptionist rang the number and found out that his name was John Thomas. He checked the hospital records to make sure he had no medical conditions or allergies. They found out that he was on anti-depressants and had regular counselling for his alcoholism and violence. "Clearly medication hasn't helped." commented the receptionist as he went to inform the doctor treating John.

"There are no allergies or medical conditions mentioned. He was recently referred to a counsellor about his violence and drinking problem. He's currently on the anti-depressants, venlafaxine." explained the receptionist. The doctor thanked him and demanded, "I want you to contact his next of kin or someone from his contact list, get them to come here." John was stable and just about to wake up. He was soon transferred to the wards.

The End

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