Severed HeartMature

Andy lay face down on the floor, 'How could I have lost? These drugs must be weakening me.' he thought. Meanwhile, John waited outside the bathroom door, Tracey and Katie were cuddled up beside the bath tub. Andy began to slowly roll over to face the door, he started to crawl towards it. Each inch was painfuller than the last and he tried not to be seen or heard. He had no choice but to leave Katie and Tracey. 'I will return, I promise.' thought Andy as he finally reached the door.

John grew more impatient and began to bang on the bathroom door repeatedly. Andy got out the front door quickly whilst John banged. This avoided John being aware that he was escaping. Katie and Tracey trembled with fear as the bathroom door began to weaken. Tracey calmed herself and looked around, 'He'll be in soon, I can't risk her getting hurt. There has to be a way out.' she thought confidently. The door flung open and in he strolled. The women got up, Katie began to back away. Tracey however, grabbed her arm and darted at john.

He was shocked, but quickly braced himself to stop them. Tracey flung Katie past him, but was grabbed herself. "Katie, get out of here! Don't turn back, leave!" shouted Tracey as she struggled to escape. Katie done as she was told and just ran away. John chucked Tracey into the side of the bath tub and shouted, "You really have changed her! She never used to be such a coward!" He left the room for a while, but Tracey was unable to make her escape within this interval. She was in quite a bit of pain too.

Katie came across Andy as she raced away. He stopped her and asked, "Where's Tracey? Did something happen?" She was panicking and replied, "He got her, but she told me to escape and not look back. Trouble is that I feel I must go back. I said I'd protect her." He looked at her trembling hands, "That's a sign of true love, you feel it's wrong to leave her in danger." he commented. She took a moment to regain her composure, then turned and headed back to help Tracey. He smiled and watched her march off.

Katie got to her house and immediately entered. "Tracey? Where are you?" she shouted as she slowly entered the living room. 'He better not of harmed her.' she thought. "Well, well, well! I knew you'd return. That's how stupid you are!" snarled John. Katie stood confidently and asked, "Where is she, John?" He sniggered and pointed at the ceiling in reponse. So she rushed upstairs to find her.

"Tracey, where are you? Please be alright!" shouted Katie as she rushed from room to room. She found her in the forth room she looked in, her whole body was shaking from fear. "Tracey? Please don't be afraid, I'm gonna get you to mine. He won't touch you again." pleaded Katie as she slowly got Tracey to her feet. "You honestly think I'm just gonna let you leave?!" sniggered John as he blocked the doorway. Tracey searched the room with her eyes looking for an escape. She seen the window and ran towards it, with tears flowing down her face, she jumped through the glass to freedom. Katie wasn't quick enough to grab Tracey's arm.

Andy just got to the house as Tracey hit the ground. katie ran past John and straight outside, where Andy stood shocked and upset. "Tracey! Why did you do that?!" asked Katie as she knelt at her side. John waltzed outside to see how badly hurt Tracey was. There was glass and blood all over the place, making it harder to determine how severe Tracey's injuries were. "Call an ambulance! Quickly John!" shouted Katie emotionally. John looked at Tracey and then at Katie's tearful eyes. "Ok, just keep a close eye on her breathing and pulse." he replied. He rushed inside to phone for an ambulance whilst Andy and Katie mopped some of the blood up with a jacket.

He came rushing back out, "There's an ambulance on it's way! This is all my fault!" he admitted. "I'm so sorry, I was too jealous." he added. Katie stood and looked him in the eyes, "It's taken you this long to realise! Now it might be too late, she could die!" she shouted aggressively. Within no time an ambulance arrived at the house. They had to roll her over because she was face down, this revealed a large piece of glass sticking out of her chest. She was quickly stabilised and rushed to hospital, Katie and Andy went with her.

When examined in hospital, Tracey's injuries were so close to being fatal. The large piece of glass had severed the right side of her heart and this meant she had to have an emergency operation to save her life as she had internal bleeding. At the same time, John was sat in Katie's living room worrying and thinking carefully about his next move. He stayed in silence for hours on end.

The End

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