Moving OnMature

"I think we should decorate this place, whilst we have some free time." suggested Katie. Tracey carried on searching her boxes and agreed with her. "What are you searching for anyway?" asked Katie. At that moment Tracey pulled out a lovely necklace in a case. "Here, have this as a token and proof of my love for you." persisted Tracey as she handed Katie the necklace and case. "Thank you, I love it. We better start decorating now, it's nearly 3pm already." thanked Katie.

They both began to tip the contents of the boxes out onto the sofa and found out the paints for the walls. Firstly they began decorating Tracey's bedroom. Purple and black walls with red furniture and black, purple and red bedding. There was also a few black dragon ornaments and one white skull on her cupboard tops. They managed to get the bedroom finished before bed.

"I know it's a mess, but if I grab you some bedding you can sleep in the spare room instead of the sofa." suggested Tracey. So Katie got comfortable in the spare room and Tracey slept soundly in her newly decorated bedroom. Katie was unable to get to sleep and lay staring at the bare ceiling. 'He's going to find us soon, I know it but what is he going to do?' she thought to herself. The more she thought about it the sleepier she became, until finally she fell asleep.

The next morning at about 9am Tracey and Katie were woken by loud banging on the front door. They both got up and slowly walked downstairs. Tracey approached the door and looked out the spy hole. She backed away quickly, "No way, how did he find me?" asked Tracey. Katie took a look and saw a man unknown to her. "Who is he? Tracey, answer me!" asked Katie impatiently. She touched Tracey's arm and then she replied, "I'm sorry, he's my ex. I thought he would never find me." She ran and sat upset on the sofa. "He doesn't know me, so I can get rid of him if you would like." suggested Katie. She nodded and then ran upstairs.

The man banged again and so Katie opened the door. "Yes, what can I do for you?" she asked. The man was surprised and replied, "Hi, I was told that a woman named Tracey lived here. Is she in?" Katie acted like she knew nothing and pesisted, "I'm sorry, but there is nobody that goes by the name of Tracey living here. You must have the wrong address." He thanked her and began to walk away.

Suddenly from around the corner came John, he spotted the door closing and yelled, "Katie! I think it's time you and Tracey came out of hiding!" Tracey ran down the stairs and grabbed Katie's hand. "We have to get out of here! Everything was going well until your ex turned up too." exclaimed Tracey in a panic. Katie kissed her and whispered, "Everything will work out just fine. It's time for them to move on, so that we can move on too. We can't hide forever." So Katie stepped out the front door to face John and the stranger, who stood confused. Tracey stepped out behind Katie.

"Hey boys." teased Tracey. She placed her hand on Katie's shoulder. "I think it's best that we tell the complete truth." whispered Tracey and Katie nodded. "John, I want you to move on. I broke up with you for a few reasons. One was because of the way you reacted about my new friend, you started to be aggressive recently and because for some reason I didn't truly love you." explained Katie honestly. "What? Did she put you up to this? You did love me!" snapped John aggressively. Tracey stepped forwards and explained, "Quiet, you can have your say afterwards. Now, Andy I don't know why you have tracked me down when we broke up for very good reasons. Please move on, I don't want you. I have found someone already, someone who won't treat me like dirt."

Andy's mouth dropped and he shouted, "Really? You have moved on, so tell me his name! Who is this better man?" Tracey searched for an answer in Katie's eyes, but couldn't say anything. Katie stepped next to her, held her hand and said openly, "It isn't a man, we have fallen for each other and I intend on protecting her from any danger." Tracey looked at her and smiled, but John and Andy were shocked and angry.

Unexpectedly Andy lost it, he had with him a small knife. He became a threat for both of them so Katie got Tracey inside quickly and shut the door firmly. "Go and hide, I'll hold him off for as long as I can!" she demanded. Tracey shook her head, "No, I don't want you to get hurt because of me. I have to face him and make him leave me and you alone. We need to move on from the past, but I can't move on until he is sorted out. Remember we can't stay hidden." she explained. Katie understood and opened the door, allowing the furious Andy to enter. John decided to follow to talk to Katie, whilst Tracey spoke with Andy.

Tracey took Andy into the kitchen and started to explain the situation to him, he calmly stood and listened. At the same time, Katie was sat in the living room with John. She explained the situation to John, but he just kept denying that she no longer wanted him. "Katie, enough of this joke. I know I haven't been that great a boyfriend. Please, I can change." he begged. Katie looked down at the floor and exclaimed, "We'll never be together, I'm sorry but I am not into you. Tracey is the love of my life now. I've moved on, it's about time you did the same." He became angry and pinned her down, "You're trying my patience! Me and you are meant to be together, I just know it! You're just using her to get to me!" he shouted.

Meanwhile, Andy was strangely understanding and put his knife down. "I don't think she's getting through to him, you should go and help her." advised Andy kindly. He smiled and so Tracey rushed in to aid Katie, "John let her go, I don't want to have to resort to violence." he looked at her and then at Katie, he raised his fist and in a flash brought it in contact with Katie's chest, making her cry out. Andy darted towards John and knocked him off Katie. Strangely he hated violence towards women. Andy and John ended up in a brawl, this allowed Tracey to get Katie up and to safety from her ex.

Even though Andy was pumped with drugs, he still lost against John. This left Katie and Tracey vulnerable. He chased them both around the house until they locked themselves in the bathroom. "You're not going to escape me now!" John chuckled. Katie started to hold her chest as she found it painful to breathe. "I'm so sorry, it appears my ex is worse than your ex. I don't know what to do now, we're trapped with no way out but through him." apologized Katie. Tracey hugged her, prayed everything would be ok and whispered, "You need to keep calm, breathe slowly and just relax. Your breathing isn't too good."

The End

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