Denied LoveMature

'How could I have been so stupid?' Tracey thought as she raced along the street. Katie was determined not to stop and ran through crowds of people to lose Tracey. She misjudged one group of people, as she ran through the middle of the group one of them stuck their foot out causing her to fall. She crashed to the floor allowing Tracey to catch up. "Katie, are you okay? Come on, I'll take you home!" said Tracey softly.

Katie got up off the ground and then nodded. Tracey put her hand out as a gesture and so Katie took her hand. They walked to Katie's, where they decided to ignore their feelings and focussed on their safety. They had to plan where they could meet if he goes to them. After all the planning they hoped he'd try something, so they could test their strategy. "Look I don't know why you're into me, but I really only want to be friends." explained Katie, "I don't want a repeat of earlier." she added.

Tracey's eyes filled with tears and her lip quivered from the harsh words. She sat and cried for a little while. "It's hard for me to believe you didn't enjoy it! Otherwise you would have pushed me away, but you just stood there!" described Tracey. Katie just shook her head in denial. 'She's lying to herself, it's written all over her face.' thought Tracey. She walked into another room leaving Katie alone. 'Damn, am I seriously trying to kid myself. I enjoyed the whole moment, surprisingly I think I enjoyed it more with her than with John. It felt right when she kissed me.' thought Katie.

At this moment there was a loud knock at the door. Tracey rushed to Katie as she slowly approached the door. She opened it slowly and moved back slightly. There he stood, completely calm and collected. "I knew you'd be together! So who's gonna invite me in?" joked John. Katie began to back away, but Tracey just stood her ground and made sure he didn't step in. "What the hell do you think you're doing here? You're not welcome here so take a hike!" snarled Tracey defensively. He chuckled and asked, "What you gonna do if I don't leave?" Katie stepped forward and replied, "You don't want to know what we'll do if you don't leave right now!" He chuckled again and turned around and took 3 steps away. "Move back Katie, I don't want you to get hurt!" persisted Tracey.

Katie stepped back a little and then shouted, "John! I don't love you anymore! Please don't carry on with this grudge! Tracey isn't the cause of our break up!" He looked at her and then at Tracey. "Katie, I wouldn't ever hold a grudge! It's a waste of time, especially as it's because of this whore!" he answered rudely. The flame in Tracey's eyes grew as she became angry and darted at John.

The End

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