Stalkers Never RestMature

The next morning Tracey woke and rang for someone to replace her window, as she was on the phone she noticed a small note by it. She jotted down the time when someone would be out and put the phone down. She picked the small note up and it read, 'Give me a call if you ever need anything, my number is 07224439716. Love Katie x.' Tracey picked the phone up and dialled Katie's number immediately. Unfortunately, she didn't answer and Tracey assumed she may have been busy or asleep. She thought nothing of it and sat on the sof with a lovely mug of tea.

Meanwhile, John had just left Katie's and was heading towards Tracey's place once again. When he got outside her house he walked up to the front door and knocked. Whilst however Katie remained in her house unseen by anyone.

Tracey placed her mug on the coffee table and answered the door. Once she seen him she tried to shut the door, but he was too quick and managed to get in first. "What do you want with me?" shouted Tracey as she started to back away. He rushed towards her and pinned her against the wall. "I want to know, why have you taken my girlfriend away from me?" he bellowed back. He flung her aside and pulled out his phone. He took a moment flicking through his photos and got to one and held it infront of Tracey. She began crying and tried to run.

"See what you made me do? I don't think that you're going to get away that easy!" he shouted. She got to the door, flung it open and ran towards Katie's house immediately. The photo that John shown her was flashing in her head, it was Katie laying on the floor face down. Tracey was unsure of how bad Katie was and went to bang on the door, but as soon as she tapped the door it opened and so she rushed in. "Katie! Are you here?!" she shouted. She rushed out into the kitchen to try and find Katie, but was unsuccessful. She eventually found her sprawled out on the living room floor motionless.

The door went and so Tracey quickly hid. It was John, he happened to have followed her to Katie's. "I know you're here somewhere bitch!" he yelled aggressively. Sweat began to run from her brow as she waited silently behind the sofa. John's footsteps got closer and then stopped near Katie. "Oh well, I guess you don't mean anything to her." murmured John as he lifted Katie and flung her onto the sofa. The force was enough to knock the sofa back slightly crushing Tracey behind it. She stopped herself from whimpering from the pain and remained totally silent. 'Please let him leave! Please! Oh please!' she thought to herself.

John looked at helpless Katie and laughed. Then strangely headed for the door. "I'm gonna leave now, so you can come out now bitch! You're not worth the effort!" he sniggered as he left the house. Tracey waited for a while before coming ot of hiding, just in case he returned.

As she slowly slithered out from behind the sofa she made a whimper from the pain of trying to move. She stood beside Katie and straight away checked her pulse. "Phew, you had me very worried. I thought you was dead." sighed a relieved Tracey. She got some water in a glass and tipped it on Katie's face to wake her up. As she woke, she cried out in pain. "Hey, it's okay now Katie, I'm here and he's gone." assured Tracey softly. She calmed down and burst into tears. "I couldn't do anything, he told me he'd make you pay. He will return, I know he will!" she said in a quivering voice. Tracey sat her up and then sat beside her and hugged her. "Everything is going to be just fine!" she assured.

As they hugged Tracey noticed a note on the floor, so she picked it up and read it out, 'Katie, I'm gonna watch you baby, watch you fall apart. Fall into pieces, from a broken heart. I won't rest until she has paid.' Katie looked at her and then exclaimed, "You can't take the risk. You being near me has put your life in danger. I don't know what he's capable of." She totally understood what Katie was saying, but she decided to stay anyway.

"None of this is your fault!" assured Tracey. Her smile calmed Katie down. "I hope you don't get hurt, this is my fault. I have to make this right, I have to go!" persisted Katie. She stood up and headed for the door. Tracey grabbed her arm and turned her to face her. "I don't want you to go! Please stay here and let us plan!" she begged desperately. She looked down at the floor and then grabbed Tracey's hand.

Tracey pulled her close and kissed her on the lips. Katie was shocked, but just stayed completely still. Tracey stopped, stepped back and whispered, "I'm so sorry, I couldn't resist you any longer." Katie remained silent and just stood by the door. "Katie? Please speak to me." pleaded Tracey. She touched her arm gently. "Why me? Why god damn it? I don't understand!" yelled Katie. She began to cry and ran out of the house. Tracey immediately raced after her.

The End

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