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'Who the hell is she?' John thought to himself. He shivered from being cold and wet. The two women stopped outside a small house just around the road from Katie's house. He stayed on the corner watching silently.

"This is my place, thanks for walking me home. Hope to see you again soon." said Tracey thankfully. They had a quick hug and said good-bye. "I'm sure we'll meet again soon, we'll also get more aquainted the next time." whispered Katie positively. Tracey smiled and nodded. Katie walked away with a smile on her face.

John quickly turned and walked away hoping not to be seen by Katie. "What the hell do you think you're doing around here? Let me guess, you didn't trust that I wasn't with a guy. You followed us didn't you?" shouted Katie furiously. He stopped and turned to face her. "No way would I of followed you, it's a coincidence that I'm here. You trust me don't you?" he eventually replied.

He could tell from her glare that she didn't believe him at all. He looked at the floor for a moment, then suddenly raised his head and yelled, "Hey biatch! Get back out here now!" He stepped towards Tracey's house and added, "I'll give you ten seconds! Now get out here!" Katie was unsure of what was going to happen and started to shout at John. "What are you doing? She doesn't have to come out! Now just leave!" He laughed and picked up a rock. "Time's up!" he yelled as he threw the rock at the window.

SMASH! as the rock went straight through the glass. Inside, Tracey sat in the corner with her hands over her ears and cried in terror. "What the hell is wrong with you?! Just get lost, I never want to see you again!" screamed Katie. John chuckled and started to walk away. "I'll see you around, you ain't that great of a loss to me!" He shouted as he walked around the corner and went home. Katie rushed up Tracey's path and banged on the door, she just stayed in her corner and begged for the person to leave. Katie opened the letterbox and shouted, "Tracey it's ok, it's me Katie. Please let me in or at least let me know you're alright."

Tracey slowly crawled to her door and shakily opened it. Katie stepped in and shut the door. She got Tracey up and walked her into the living room. "He's gone now, I'll sort this out if you want. All I need is some sheets of sticky tape to cover the hole until someone comes to replace it." offered Katie caringly as she sat Tracey down. "No, it's fine how it is. Someone can come and sort it in the morning. Did you know him?" Tracey persisted.

Katie sat beside her and then explained, "To tell you the truth he was my boyfriend. I'm guessing he seen you as a threat for our relationship. I couldn't stop him even though I really tried." her eyes filled with tears, "Don't worry, I'm glad you didn't try hard enough. I know that sounds bad, but what I mean is that you didn't get hurt in the process of trying to stop him." assured Tracey. Katie took hold of Tracey's hand and softly whispered, "I bearly know you and for some reason I was worried about you. I mean when I had friends I worried about them, but you, I worried about you differently."

Tracey was unsure of how to react and pulled her hand away. "I don't understand why I am caring towards you so much, when you're a complete stranger!" admitted Tracey. Katie stood up and then picked up the rock, she stared at it and then threw it out the hole in the window. "I think that it's best that I leave you to rest. I might come round tomorrow to check that this window gets fixed if you don't mind." she exclaimed. Tracey smiled, nodded and answered, "Sure you can come round, I don't mind. It beats being bored and lonely." So she left and walked home quickly. Tracey just locked all her doors and slept in her bedroom for the rest of the night.

Katie was just seconds away from her door, "I was hoping you would return soon!" muttered John as he stepped out behind her. She ignored and carried on home, but he followed behind, she tried to slam her door shut in his face. His arm shot into the closing door like a bullet, knocking Katie back and so he stepped in. She had nowhere to run and decided to submit and take whatever 'punishment' he wanted to give. He dragged her into the living room and flung her onto the sofa.

The End

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