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Tracey nodded and so Katie walked up to her front door and opened it. Tracey entered first and Katie followed closely behind. "Would you like a drink?" asked Katie in a friendly tone. Tracey was silent for a moment and then replied, "Go on then, I'll have a quick cup of tea if you don't mind." So she made a cup of tea for her and Tracey. She sat with Tracey and listened to her explaining the last place she lived.

"I really like your black, purple and red decoration. My old place used to be similar, but my new place hasn't been decorated yet. I had to move from my last place because of the abuse of my ex." explained Tracey. Katie's smile slowly faded as she asked, "Hope you don't mind me asking, but why did you split?" She looked down at her mug of tea and a small tear fell from her left eye.

"I never meant to upset you, I'm sorry." apologized Katie as she put her arm around Tracey's shoulder. More tears fell from her blue eyes, she turned and hugged Katie for comfort.

Meanwhile, John had finally calmed down. He headed home slowly, as he went to pass the road his girlfriend lived on he stopped. The heavens opened up as he stood and stared towards Katie's home. 'Should I go see her?' he asked himself. He walked along to her house, slowly walked up to her front door and knocked. Katie didn't answer, leaving John out in the rain.

The door flung open as he walked away, so he stopped walking and turned to face the door. In the doorway stood a happy Katie and as soon as she seen John her mood changed to angry. "What are you doing here?" asked Katie aggressively. He looked at the ground and replied, "I needed to see that you were ok, I also thought we could sit down and chat for a moment." She shook her head vigorously and snapped, "You dare think you can come round and demand that we sit down and talk. Well, I have company so not now!" she slammed the door shut and went back to the kitchen.

"Is everything alright? I can leave if you need to do something." asked Tracey. Katie just sat down and began to cry, so Tracey gave her a hug and comforted her for a little while. "I'm sorry for this. You're such a nice person staying and conforting me, in fact even my old friends weren't this kind. Are you sure you don't want to leave?" confided Katie.

Tracey stood up and then murmured, "I ain't in any rush to leave, I'm lonely at my new place. I thought that we could be friends." Katie stood up and took Tracey's hand and asked, "So where do you live? I'll walk you home if you would like...mate." They smiled at each other and then quickly hugged just before leaving the house. Tracey decided not to tell her where she lived, so they just walked and talked.

Meanwhile, John was spying on Katie's house to find out who she was with. He seen her leave with Tracey and decided to follow. He stayed out of sight as he followed the women, as they walked along the street. The rain had stopped now but John was already soaked from head to toe.

The End

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