Judge Me NotMature

It was 5pm and the darkness fell on the town of Dawson. A young woman was out with her boyfriend on a romantic walk. She was Katie Scott, aged 25 and her boyfriend was John Thomas, aged 29. They had been together for just over a month and already started to regret ever meeting. The walk in the dark was to try and talk about their problems,but wasn't working that well.

Their romantic walk turned into a heated arguement leaving Katie upset, and John just walked off in a rage. Time seemed to pass really slowly and Katie started to head back home. She dried her eyes as she walked along the street. John however headed to the nearby abandoned building and calmed down. His heart raced and sweat rolled down his face.

Katie was nearly home, the only place she felt safe and it was the only place that she was all alone. Her house was at the end of the road, it was tiny from the outside and spacious inside. She had her own unique style of black, purple and red. Most of her friends stopped visiting when she became obsessed with death and grief, so her home was hardly lived in. She got just by her gate when a young woman knocked into her. "Hey, watch it!" snapped Katie aggressively. The woman stopped and turned around to make eye contact with her, "I'm terribly sorry, I'm not usually this ignorant." replied the woman politely.

Katie gulped and then asked, "It's ok, don't worry about it. So are you from around here?" She smiled and then replied, "Actually I just moved here, I'm Tracey by the way. And you are?" Her smile seemed to warm Katie's heart and she replied cheerfully, "It's nice to meet you Tracey, my name is Katie. Would you like to come in?"

The End

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