Traitorous Thoughts

So when the prophet came near his town, Judas went and took his family to see him.

When the prophet asked him to be one of his entourage. He went home to think. His mother was beside herself with glee, she treated him like he WAS the prophet, fixing his favorite foods on the best china and letting him do whatever he wanted.

Judas thought long and hard. If he left the family, the business might suffer. He was the one who made the best deals. His father was too kind-hearted. He let people have more than they paid for.

But leaving meant he could get close to the prophet, maybe handle his traveling monies. He could dole out what was necesary, visit new places, make business contacts, and save up what he was able to, even if that meant borrowing from the prophet. He could probably make gold appear out of thin air anyway! It would be an adventure! he'd do it! The positives were far outweighing the negatives.

He followed the prophet exactly as he said to, bringing nothing; no extra clothes, no extra blankets, no bed mats.

He listened, he served, he went through the motions. He did what the other men did in the service of the prophet. But he never asked questions, told of his life prior, nor spoke hardly at all to any of them. He was an outcast. He liked it that way. His silence was trustworthy, though. He did take over the traveling funds.

It was about a year into this following when Judas approached by a covered man in an alley. He, under the pretense of healing the man, left his partner's side to enter the shadow of a building after the hobbling hobo.

"Word is, they will pay for his capture."

"How much?"

"The ransom is not high. The High Priest doesn't suspect him of much. Priesty is not happy, no, but the prophet has proven hiself harmless."

"How much?"

"Only 30 silvers."

Judas shook the dwindling pouch. He considered the price. It was a slave's price. It was not worthy of a man so famous as the prophet. But he had waited long to hear back from the Priests. This was not how it was supposed to go! He was supposed to get rich! He missed his family business. But to leave now would blow his cover! The prophet had been predicting one would turn on him and the others had said "Is it me?" Judas played along, repeating the phrase, mimicking the facial expressions, and blending in. But he knew he couldn't play this role for much longer.

"He'll be near the garden at dawn. And I will remain with the men, as I need an alibi. So send the soldiers in by yourself."

The coins weighed heavily in his pouch as he walked back to his partner. The 'hobo' feigned his healing, jumping and smiling and praising the skies.

All judas was thinking was how he could start over with just a few silvers..

The End

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