Number 27Mature

"Jubilee Street is cursed" The little boy whispered, wrinkling a cute button nose and leaning in to the small ear of the girl.

"People end up dying here coz' of the ghosts, everybody who's ever lived here gets mashed up!"

The girls brown eyes widened and she clutched a small chubby hand to her mouth in horror, her dark brown curls trembling around her face.

The boy, seeing his quarry trembling, moved in for the kill, a wicked smile curling his lips.

"Our house has got the curse!" he whispered and the girl turned wide eyes toward him, tears brimming in them.

"Oh yeah! Everyone on Jubilee Street gets in trouble, that’s why houses go up for sale so often! Pretty soon, you'll go home and find dad slaughtered on the floor, his guts hanging all over the place" The boy clasped the girls hand tightly.

"Maybe, one night when you least expect it, a mad man is going to climb through your window with a hatchet and chop off your pretty little head"

The girl, sniffed once, twice and then, lips trembling she began to cry in small pitiful squeaks, tearing her hand from the boys she ran the full length of the street to number 27, wailing loudly and Billy, satisfied that once more he had corrupted a mind, created a nightmare, stood up and stretched his lanky adolescent body, grinning and walking slowly up the street after the child.

He hadn't meant to scare her so badly, after all they we're only old stories, if she hadn't been bugging him about it he wouldn't have told her in the first place.

  He looked down the street toward his front door and saw his father waiting for him, stood by the door like an imposing giant, his eyes narrowed and black as he swayed drunkenly under the sun.

Billy sighed, hanging his head and slinging his back pack higher up his back he resigned himself to the beating he was going to get. Another bruise to add to a collection he supposed.

Billy was thirteen, his sister was seven, their father was a drunk and their mother was dead. She had hung herself three years earlier, deciding to take her own life then allow her husband to slowly take it from her.

She had jumped from the new kitchen tops, using one of the historical ceiling beams to tie the rope. Billy would never forget the look of impotent rage on his fathers face as the police had cut her down, not a look of sorrow, none of grief, altogether it was rage, blind and black and their mother was never mentioned in the house again.


Billy jumped as his father barked at him, his eyes snapped up and met the terrible sight, rage personified, standing tall between him and his quiet bedroom.

"Get your fuckin' arse in the kitchen now!"

You never made Billy's father wait, even Billy's friends knew that. There wasn't a person in London who would make Billy's father wait. Billy ran the remaining few yards to the red front door and stood waiting in front of the tall dark bearded man, his face pale.

"In the kitchen" His father hissed, breathing Jack Daniels across the Boy's face as he sidled nervously past the large man and into the filthy hall way.

Billy felt the change in the house before he had even reached the door to the kitchen. A cold clammy feeling seemed to drift through the air and he almost hesitated at the door, almost clutched his coat tightly around himself and stood there staring. He looked to the left quickly, to see his sister staring wide eyed at him from the stairwell, her eyes wide with fear, her usually olive skin was pale and perspiration marked her hairline.

   Billy knew there was no chance she had told her father about the story, there was a strong bond between the siblings despite the teasing and horror stories Billy sometimes undertook. He knew right then, looking at her sat there, that whatever atmosphere had taken over this place, she was feeling it and his gut reaction in that split second was to scoop her up and run.

His fingers twitched, his body turned toward her and his legs trembled slightly, the air moved around him, almost breathing and crackling with an unexplainable other worldly energy, his father was shutting the front door in the hallway and Billy was walking toward his sister with his arms out as he walked in.

"I told you to get in that fuckin' kitchen now don't let me tell you twice!"

No one kept Billy's Father waiting.

The boy sat at the table, his school bag was on the floor beside him and he was staring up in horror at the man who he once called Daddy, once cuddled and kissed. The monster pacing the kitchen wasn't what Billy wanted to remember. His dark muzzle, the bloodshot eyes. The lines on his face told a story of abuse, the scars told a tale of violence.

"I'm getting pretty sick of you!"

The boy watched the path his father was tracing across the flag stones, the energy in this action was astounding to him and there was nothing Billy could do but gape and tremble.

"You think your smarter then me don't you?"

Billy shook his head, his father slammed his fist on the table, a plate trembeled sending cutlery spinning and Billy's bladder finally gave out in a hot stream down his trouser leg as he stared pale faced up at his father.

"You do! Everyone does! You think your smarter then your old man?"

Again the fist came down, again and again and again, until Billy cried "Stop! Please Stop!" Screaming it into his fathers face.

His father smiled, and the smile was devilment, the smile hid his intentions but spoke volumes to Billy at the same time, Billy began to sob, he knew what was going to happen, he was going to be beaten within and inch of his life, he was going to be spending a while in hospital, and that was if he was lucky.

His father raised a beefy fist and the temperature seemed to climb, higher and higher, an intense heat which broke the boy into a sweat, the cooling urine on his leg stuck to his thigh as he raised himself quickly from the table and ran around to the side board.

His father followed menacingly, stalking the boy as though he was a rabbit, that twisted smile still hitched on his face. The boy's heart hammered as he backed away slowly and when his back hit the edge of the side board he knew he'd been caught, he knew he'd once again let his fear blind his perception of the room. His father as though sensing Billy had resigned to the beating walked lumbering toward him, his hands reaching forward, fingers inches from his throat, eyes burning. 

Billy sensed the entity before his father, his hairs raised on his arms, goose bumps flickered to life and he gasped eyes wide he saw a reaction in his father mille seconds later, as his fingers were almost upon his throat.


The beefy man was dragged backward as though attached by some invisible elastic band, the sickening crunch as he hit the stone wall resounded through the entire house, and jarred the boy's bones, and he heard his sister scream dimly in the distance as his fathers weight smacked against the flag stones.

 The drunken man groaned as he laid there, blood leaking steadily from a wound on his head, Billy could only watch as his father tried to crawl weakly toward the door, but no one kept Billy's father waiting, everyone knew that.

 Skin was ripped from his cheek, a huge goblet of flesh snatched from him by invisible talons and the man opened his mouth and bellowed loudly. He was pulled up onto his knees and flipped viscously onto his back as he screamed pitifully, fabric was ripped, a stained shirt was scattered across the kitchen in ribbons and a dark haired chest was exposed to the air. Billy could only watch helplessly as his father looked up at him from the floor, his dark, coal black eyes beseeched him for help, his shiny, nicotine stained teeth were visible from one side of his face as his mouth opened wide to croak helplessly at the boy he had beaten mercilessly for more then five years.

 Billy stared dumb at his father as the energy screwed itself into his stomach, bits of flesh ground and minced squelched to the floor wetly and a metallic tang tinted the air, his father gurgled, trying in earnest to scream but unable to purchase any air, his eyes glassed over as he died from the shock, the entity carried on grinding, pulling his viscera out of his body in wet clumps of red, yellow and white and tossing them on the floor like trash.

"Stop it, stop it! Just stop it!" Billy whispered his mind broken as the entity circeled the room, its energy crackling, it's blood lust bubbling loudly.




The End

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