juan, the start. (AOA)

how juan became an outlaw. and the start of a0a.

juan lived a simple life a small apartment, an old motobike and he never dressed to smart. but his life was nothing but simple, he was an assassin. and now? now it gets really amazing.

he was sat, in his normal seat, in his dark, silent corner. when a man stroad up to him sat down, "juan?" asked the deep gruff voice. "yes. how can i help you" replied juan's dark, sad voice, "come with me. we have work for you" juan stood up, took one last gulp of his beer, and followed the man outside. they walked down a dark alley where juan sensed danger, the man swung around found a gun in his face, juan said through gritted teeth "tell me what happening". almost before he had finnished his sentance guns cocked around them, "juan, juan, juan. you need to trust us more, if we wanted you dead we'd have done it in the bar." juan lowerd his gun and looked around at the men who had him trapped, "what do you want?" but juan knew, he had to kill again. there was a thump from behind, and juan fell to the ground.

when juan awoke he was tied down to a chair, a light burning bright onto his face.  his eyes focused on a table before him. on it, a crossbow, and a wad of cash, behind that was a man, leaning over the table, his face unseen. "welcome juan, sorry about the knock on th head, but we couldn't have you knowing where we are" juan looked up and gave a look of both hatred and understanding "i've had worse, now untie me and let get some work done", the shadowed man clicked his fingers and the ropes dissappaerd and juan rose to his feet with lightning speed. "now tell me, who are you? and who do you want me do kill?"

the next day, with his targets file and $20,000 in his satchal juan rode away on his bike, long leather jacket flowing out behind him. juan had so many things to think of, but he knew what he had to get done. as the tower of the royal family of atlantis came into view juan murmerd to himself "goodbye king, its time to flood your presious kingdom". jumping up a gear juan sped futher down the long road to where he was to meet his contact. when he arrived, there was no one in view, he dismounted his bike and walked around, afther a few minate's juan figured he had the wrong place and turned to leave, "dont move" a horse voice said in his ear. juan froze "how could he sneak up on me? why didn't i see him?" these and other thoughts rushed his mind but where ignored.  a long bit of metel slide into his hand. "you know what to do with this".

juan looked up at the tower before him, at pointed his crossbow and took aim. he fired, it hit the mark and left no sound and a trail of rope down to juan. he smiled to hisself and began the climb up to the kings room. half an hour later he was there, crouched down, loading the arrow in the cross bow. he crept in and cheecked, no guards. he stood before the king and took aim, the voices echod in his head "one shot, between the eyes" as he was about to pull the trigger apicture beside the kings bed caught his eye. he picked it up slowerly and gazed at the beautfil woman in the picture, the princess. he knew what he had to do, again, he took aim, this time with a tear in his eye, thump, the arrow hit the kind, he didn't even move. juan wrote down a note and left the room, finding the door he was ment to, the princess was the other side of this door, he stuck the note and left. going to the bike he rode away, back home, back to his anything but normal life...

The End

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