Chapter Twenty-Six: Troubled Waters Part ThreeMature

Suddenly, the boat began to shake from side to side.  At first, it didn’t seem violent, but as the seconds passed, the boat began to rock faster and harder, causing Parauvin to scamper up the steps and onto the deck like a deranged, wild animal.  Large waves crashed against the boat and a torrential downpour of rain began as we tried to maintain our balance on the deck.  My stomach began to fiercely churn, and I took all the power within me to not vomit.  I tried to keep my eyes off of the water to prevent myself from getting sicker.  However, something peculiar was happening.  What appeared to be a giant octopus tentacle was creeping up from the water and onto the leg.  Quickly turning over to Andrias and Parauvin who were arguing amongst themselves, I screamed to get their attention.  They snapped out of their anger, and Andrias looked over at the large tentacle.  He sprinted downstairs, and a mere moments later, emerged with his sword and clad in nothing but shorts.  There was another roar again, and the gargantuan sea monster reared its hideous head.  The monster, which appeared to be purple in colour, was covered in warts, knots and gashes from past battles.  It had eight large, beady eyes that expressed nothing more than the evils of the deep waters.  Thunder boomed and lightning illuminated the sky as the monster roared loudly again, bearing it’s blood-stained, sharp teeth.  I gulped and looked back at Andrias, hoping that he would have a solution to this emergency.  He looked at the monster with determined eyes and then looked back at Parauvin and me.

“I’m going to try to take the monster out from the bottom.  While I work on that, you and Parauvin need to do what you can up here.”  He yelled over the sound of the torrential rain and the monster.  Taking a deep breath and swallowing a breathing pellet, Andrias sprinted down the slick deck and dove into the water.  Parauvin dug into deep pockets as I frantically thought of things I could do to help. 

            The monster was thrashing its tentacles around like a fair ride going haywire.  Although the boat had extra protection from the spell, the magic could only last but for so long.  As I evaded the tentacles of the monster, Parauvin began throwing various potions at it, trying do some damage.  Still in shock, I had absolutely no clue as to what I needed to do next.  Looking for guidance, I looked down at the gem and rubbed its edges.  All of a sudden, I heard a very loud scream, and I turned to my right to see Parauvin wrapped in a tentacle of the beast.  I had to act fast. 

            I looked down again at the violent waters.  I swallowed my fears and impending nausea and concentrated deeply on it and what I needed to do.  Quickly sifting my mind through a helpful spell, I decided on one and then raised my hands.  The gem began to levitate off of my chest and returned to its blue colour again.   I stared the monster dead in its vicious eyes.

            “Tempestas aquae!” I yelled.  All of a sudden a beam of light shone into the water underneath the monster.   That’s when it happened.  A sight that I’ve never seen before, the water began to grow around the monster and spiral upward like a gigantic waterspout.  Screeching at its highest pitch, the monster threw Parauvin towards the boat.  Me, still in shock from my unknown capabilities, watched in awe as the waterspout took the monster elsewhere.  In that moment, however, Parauvin, who bounced off of the deck and onto me, struck me in the stomach.  Landing on my back, my head collided with the side of the deck, and my mind instantly blanked, causing me to instantly black out.  

The End

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