Chapter Twenty-Six: Troubled Waters Part OneMature

That whole night I slept as if I haven’t spelt in years.  The only thing I recall about that night was falling asleep and nothing more.  When I did wake up, however, something seemed quite odd on the ship.  Everything appeared to be the same, but there was just an ominous aura around the place that made me feel uneasy.  The gem still glowed a dull sanguine colour, but it was chiming profusely like it had before.

            Like usual, I bathed and then prepared breakfast for all of us.  Today I decided to make hot Lowelberry cereal with milk and sugar, serving it with bacon.  For a while it was just I at the breakfast table, enjoying the breakfast in silence.  However, about five minutes later Parauvin trudged in in his bathrobe, filling the room with a strong yet nice cologne.  I greeted him with a smile.

            “Good merning, Lass,” Parauvin said with a yawn.  He walked over to the stove and spooned himself up some hot cereal and grabbed some bacon.  “How’s you?”

            I shrugged, not really knowing how I felt. 

            “I’m okay, thank you.  How about yourself?” 

            Parauvin shrugged as well and sat at the table.

            “Hm, I’s could be better, ‘suppose.”  I nodded and continued eating my food.  After a few minutes passed in silence, I decided to break it by asking a question.

            “Parauvin, where is Andrias?  I don’t want his food to get cold.” I said quietly.  Parauvin cleared his throat.

            “ ‘Dris has been a little… under the weather lately.  Who knows?  It mert be this whole Blood Moon thing throwing him off.  Once we’s get to Solaris, he’s will be fine, trust.”  I nodded in response.  Although Parauvin seemed to have a valid point, I think that there was something heavier weighing on Andrias’ mind: Elsa.  There is still much more for me to learn about her, but I know one thing, she’s been a source of great stress for Andrias, and the thought of seeing her coupled with the stress of trying to get his brother back are probably two things that are really pulling him asunder.  Getting up from the table, I decided to bring Andrias some food and try to talk to him. 

             I slowly and cautiously brought the tray of food towards Andrias’ room.  Knocking on the door, I heard the faint sound of a radiotelegraph.  He mumbled something to himself and then slightly opened the door.

            “Come in.”  He grumbled.  I walked into the room with the tray and slightly kicked the door back so we could have privacy.  Looking at Andrias, who was sitting up under the covers, I passed him the tray.

            “Here’s some breakfast,” I said quietly.  He nodded with appreciation, and I sat down at the foot of the bed, taking my hair out of the messy bun it was in.  He then began to eat, and I noticed that something wasn’t all right with him.  He seemed too calm and too collected, as if he had been in a pensive state for quite some time.  There are times like these where I just want to sit down with Andrias and see if everything was all right with his world, to learn more about his life and his stresses.  But Andrias would never have that.  He’s too wrapped up in his past and life struggles to possibly even trust me with his vulnerability.  However, something within me told me to ask him how he was doing just to test the waters a bit.

            “How are you, Andrias?” I asked.  His dark eyes glanced at me once and then back at his food.

The End

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