Chapter Twenty-Five: Prelude to a Calamity Part TwoMature

            “It’s gonna be the night of the Blood Moon soon,” I heard a voice say.  I abruptly turned around and faintly saw Andrias climbing down the mast.  He walked his way through the fog and near me, taking a seat.

            “Blood Moon?  What is that?”  I asked.  He coughed a little and then cleared his throat.

            “The Blood Moon is when the moon is very large and very… red.  It usually happens every one hundred years, but it appears that this time around it came a few years early.”  He replied as he looked at the sky and scratched his scalp in confusion.  “During the time of the Blood Moon, all hell breaks loose.”  My eyes widened in frightful curiosity.

            “What do you mean ‘all hell breaks loose’?”

            “There’s no telling what can happen.  However, there’s usually a very dangerous storm.  Judging by how still the water is and how thick this fog is I think we need to find charm to protect the boat and brace ourselves for the worst.”  Andrias held out his hand to help me up from the deck floor.  I stood up, thanked him, and then the two of us then went into the hull to Parauvin’s workshop.



            “So what do you think we should do about the boat?” Andrias asked.  Parauvin was on his tip-toes in front of a large cauldron.  He threw in some small crystals into the mixture and stirred it.  He then looked over his shoulder at Andrias.

            “ ‘Dris, I’s don’t know how well this will work, but I’s am a-makin’ this here potion in order to create an invisible force field ‘round the boat.  May bee this will protect it until we dock in Solaris.”  He replied.  Suddenly, a big cloud of smoke from the cauldron overcame Parauvin, and he erupted in a long coughing fit.  Andrias chuckled to himself softly as Parauvin practically coughed up his lung.

            “Good.  How do we go about spreading the force field?” Parauvin stopped coughing and then inhaled.

            “We’s gonna say a ‘cantation together, and then the mixture will be able to spread itself out ‘cordingly.”  He responded.  Andrias nodded and then lit his pipe.

            “I’m going out for a smoke,” he said,  “ just let me know when you’re ready to stormproof the boat.”  Andrias quietly strolled up the stairs and off to enjoy his smoke, leaving Parauvin and me alone in the room.  Parauvin continued to stir the pot while I sat around waiting for him to finish.  About five minutes later, Parauvin yelled for Andrias to come downstairs, and then we started the incantation.


            That night, there was something awfully haunting about how the gem was chiming.  It was making an odd sound, a sound that I couldn’t quite delegate a name to, but was still very ominous.  The gem glowed a dark, dull red colour as if there were sanguine encased in it.  I decided to consult the book that Minerva gave me to see what the colour of the gem meant.  I thumbed through each candlelit page until I finally got to a section with colour codes.  A few pages after that I found a whole section on the Blood Moon.  However, the pages were smudged over with a peculiar, hardened gel substance that rendered me unable to read the information.

            Sighing quietly, I shrugged and put the book on my nightstand, curling up under my blanket.  I looked out of my window to see the ruddy moon enshrouded by fog and night clouds.  The dark waters bellow lightly yet ominously ebbed and flowed.  The gem’s odd chiming began again, bringing me out of my trance.  I looked down at it to see if I could silence it.  I tried saying incantations from the book to it, positioning it a different way and even closing the curtain.  However, the gem didn’t let up.  About thirty minutes of tampering with it later, I decided to get a cup of cold water and put the gem in it.  I placed it into the glass cup and watched it levitate there in the water, still glowing a dull ruby colour, but it began to chime much quieter.  I turned over on my side and laid there until I drifted off to sleep, yet somehow I felt that the joys of tomorrow will be few and far in between.

The End

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