Chapter Twenty-Four: Golden Shores Part OneMature

Chapter Twenty-Three: Golden Shores

            “Welcome back, girly,” I heard as my eyes were opening.  My eyes adjusting to the room around me, I noticed that I was back in the guest room that I slept in the previous night.  Feeling around me, I also realized that I was back in the bed as well.  Looking to the right of me, I saw Andrias, clad in an untied, white, sleeved shirt, black pants and his favourite brown boots, straddling the chair looking directly at me.  His stubble-covered chin was cupped in his hand while the other rested on his hip.  His hair was messy but still showed signs of it being combed recently.  In that moment, Andrias looked more… grown up, yet his eyes, they told a different story.  Something was troubling him, and it was far from subtle.

            “What happened?  All I remember is that I fell.”  I lied.  I knew that I met Minerva, but I didn’t want to share that with Andrias.  He stretched a bit and then looked back at me. 

            “You banged your head pretty hard.  You were bleeding, so Amelia and I carried you to the infirmary downstairs to get a look at you.  They said you were okay, but the nurse gave you some medication for headaches, which you will probably have within a few days.”  Then he paused.  “The oddest thing happened, though.  You seemed as if you were having a conversation with yourself, but it was in a completely foreign language.  We couldn’t figure out what you we babbling about, so we decided that it would be best for you to rest.  You slept here for about a day, and I came in to give you your medicine and to check up on you.”  My, he’s being quite friendly today.  I’m shocked!

            “Thanks, Andrias.  I really appreciate it.”  I responded with a small smile.  He nodded and passed me a plate of food, two pink pills and a glass of water.  I nodded appreciatively and then proceeded to eat my meal.  While I was between bites, a mischievous thought came to mind, and I decided to speak on it.

            “So, how are you and the Princess coming along?  All ready for your nuptials?”  I asked with a giggle.  He smirked and scoffed a little.

            “Just as ready as you are for yours.” He responded with a chuckle.  I rolled my eyes and continued to eat.  Andrias sat in the same spot in silence.  His face still had that perturbed look on it.

            “Andrias, what’s eating you? You seem to be very deep in thought.”  He shook his head.

            “Nothing, girlie.  I’m actually gonna go run a few errands at the town square.  When I get back we’re preparing to leave.”  He got up from his chair and walked out of the room without giving a goodbye.  I got out of bed and walked into the adjacent bathroom.  I decided to pour a bath for myself and just soak for a while.  Sitting in the warm bath, I thought about my life.  There are so many emotions going through my head, so many images of things, and my mind is just racing.  I’m ripping and running with B-rated “pirates” to find some treasure that they don’t even know where or what it is, and now I have my own secret mission of sorts.  On top of that, I have to worry about not getting caught and being sent back to Cheul.  Gah, this is way too much for my brain to process.

            As I reclined back in the tub, I grabbed the gem and rubbed slowly as I looked out of the window.  The tides were slowly rolling in on the shore amongst the backdrop of a bluish-grey sky.  From the looks of it, something told me that there was going to be a storm soon and that I should get ready soon before we get stuck in it.  I finished bathing and then went to go get dressed.  For today’s activities and because of the impending inclement weather, I decided to put on a pair of black fitted pants and a white, short-sleeved shirt with boots.  I put my hair into a ponytail and the gem around my neck.  I then took a bag from within the closet and packed some of the clothes from within.  Yes, I know it’s basically stealing, but Amelia would have wanted me to take these anyway.  After packing the stuff, I took the bag and went outside to the docks.

The End

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