Chapter Twenty-Three: Cerulean Castles Part ThreeMature

“You’re the Minerva?  Oh my, you’re definitely different than how they depict you in the tapestries and paintings!”  I exclaimed.  She laughed heartily.

            “Yeah, Yeah!  I know!  I’m usually drawn as a mermaid, and I’m much older.  I’m supposed to grow up, but I’ve been stuck like this because no one has been able to unlock the true power of the gem.”  I scratched my head.  True power?  I sat up straight and clasped the gem in my left hand.

            “True power?  Do tell.”  Minerva held out her hand, and the gem slowly floated off of my body and hovered just inches above Minerva’s hands.  It began to glow again and then showed images of people.  She looked intently upon these pictures and then began to move her hands.

            “There have been many before you, many oracles that tried to unlock the power of the gem.  Sadly, many of them have either lost the gem or died before they could find the true power of it.  I gave the gem to you, hoping that you will one day find it so that I can finally grow up!” She said.  The gem stopped glowing and then placed itself around my neck again.  I sighed and then held the gem again. 

            “Minerva, I really want to accomplish this for you, but I barely know how to use it.”  I said, my face turning slightly red with embarrassment.  She smiled at me and then got up from the table.  She turned to the bookcase behind her and then grabbed a slightly worn, brown book with a title written in what seemed to be a foreign language.  She passed the book to me and sat back down.

            “Now, usually I don’t give this to my oracles, but here is a spell book for you to use.  This will help you to practice and also learn how to control the gem,” Minerva said.  She got out of her chair and flipped the pages of the book.  Once she found the page she pointed to the spell at the top of the page.  “Here,” she began, “these are all of your basic spells for controlling water.  Use these for throwing water or breathing underwater.  The harder spells are for calling forth sea spirits or conjuring up sea storms.  Just focus on and practice the easy spells and work from there.”  I nodded and looked at the spells.  Her eyes widened.

            “Promise me one thing,” she started, holding my hands in hers.

            “Yes?” I responded.

            “You mustn’t let anyone know, especially Andrias, that you have this book.  You have to practice somewhere that is private.”  I nodded again with a small and confident smile.

            “I promise.”  Minerva looked at me and then looked at the clock.

            “It’s time for me to send you back on your way!”  She walked away from the table and waved her hands, materializing a portal.  She motioned for me to come closer to it, and when I got near her she took my hands in hers one last time.  “Fear not, Maris.  You will figure this out soon enough! If you need me, you know how to find me.  Just trust the gem and your heart, and you will find all that you seek!”  She smiled at me and then walked me to the opening of the portal.  As soon as my foot was in the entrance, I was instantly sucked in.  In that moment, everything went black.    

The End

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