Chapter Twenty-Three: Cerulean Castles Part TwoMature

The floor was cold beneath my feet as we marched passed several closed doors.  Finally, after what seemed like forever, we stopped in front of a large door.  The little girl wrapped her tiny palm around the doorknob and twisted it slowly.  She pushed the door open, and we both entered the room.  What I laid my eyes on was one of the most magnificent libraries I’ve ever seen.  Encased by four, tall cerulean walls, the library had innumerable shelves filled with books of all kinds.  I followed the girl through several isles of books until we finally reached a round, wooden table in what seemed to be the center of the library.  The little girl motions for me to sit as she pulls out a small, white book from behind her.  She sits in the chair directly facing me and clears her throat.  Putting the book down in front of her, she clasps her hands and looks deeply into my eyes.  In that moment, I felt that the little girl and I have met before this moment. 

            “It’s good to see you again, Maris,” she said with a small smile.  Shocked and confused, I looked at her with wide eyes. 

            “I don’t think I know you…Are you certain that we’ve met before?” I asked, my mind slowly trying to create an image of our first encounter.  The girl giggled and opened the book in front of her.  She hummed to herself quietly as she flipped a few pages until she found what she was looking for.

            “Ah,” she said as she handed me the book, “read this.”  I slowly and thoroughly read the page and was completely astonished by what was written.  What was laid before me was a catalogue of my life events, starting with my birth and ending with everything up to this moment.  I looked at the girl and then the page again, my face expressing more confusion.  I had no words to say.  How did this child know me, let alone all the details of my life?  We stared at each other another time, and then the girl reached out for the gem.  The second she touched the gem it began to glow brightly, chiming loudly and rapidly.  She then smiled at me.

            “I’m Minerva, and I’ve been waiting for the moment you’d get the gem since you came into this world.”  My jaw dropped.  Minerva?  This little girl is a goddess?  Oh, Piem, what is going on? 

The End

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