Chapter Twenty-Three: Cerulean Castles Part OneMature

Chapter Twenty-Three: Cerulean Castles

            I awoke to the smell of salt water and the periodic cries of seagulls above.  My eyes opened slowly, gradually acclimating myself to the foreign scenery around me.  There was white sand beneath me.  The sea water caressed the sand while playing a melody of the mysteries that dwelled beyond the shore.   About a mile away from me was the blue top of a castle which rested behind a thick forest of an assortment of trees.  My eyes fixed on this point, I stood in that particular spot with my bare feet planted in the soft sand.  Suddenly, the wind whistled through my hair and ears, and all I could hear was the sound of a child laughing.  I looked down the shoreline to see a little brown-haired girl running and giggling with a kite in her hand.  Cautiously, I approached the little girl and made sure I did not make extra noise.  When there were only meters between the girl and me, she abruptly turned around.  I was frozen in place.  The girl stared at me with her big, hazel eyes.  In that moment, the two of us seemed as if we wanted to run away yet there was something binding us to that space.  In that moment, on the beach, we both knew that this was where we wanted to be.

            Minutes passed with pure, undisturbed silence.  The girl continued to look at me as if she knew me, and something about her seemed faintly familiar as well.  I wanted to speak to introduce myself, but my tongue didn’t allow me to form the words.  Suddenly, the girl put her small, pale hand out to me, beckoning to connect my hand with hers. I placed my hand against hers, and the gem began to float and sparkle.  The mysterious girl smiled at me.

      “I think you’re the one I’ve been looking for all along,” she said sweetly.  I looked at her quizzically as she giggled and then ran off towards the castle.  The girl briefly glanced back at me with inviting eyes.  My body lurched forward, dashing after the little girl.  After five minutes of running through the hot sand two of us stood in front of a large door.  The girl approached the door slowly and pushed the door in softly.  The door creaked open quietly to reveal a dimly lit corridor.   We silently walked down the dark hallway into the unknown.  

The End

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