Chapter Twenty-Two: The Competition Part SixMature

The royal gardens were unlike anything that I have ever seen.  They were massive, extending from the back of the castle to the woods that were at least a few acres away.  There was an abundance of colourful flowers of numerous varieties and several topiaries that were shaped into mermaids and other figures.  The grass was a bright green and was meticulously and neatly trimmed.  As I walked the gardens and enjoyed my shaved ice, I heard the sound of running water to the right of me.  Oddly enough, the gem started chiming and shinning a beam of light in that direction.  Following my gut feeling, I decided to head into that direction, hoping that it wasn’t leading me to a dead end.

As I continued down an unpaved path surrounded by trees, the sound of running water and the chiming of the gem became louder.  After walking another five minutes I ended up in front of a small lake with a waterfall above it.  Surprisingly the gem was chiming loudly and rapidly.  I looked at the gem with confusion and tried to mentally decipher what it was leading me to.  I then heard laughter and franticly decided to hide behind a large rock by the water just to be safe.  Suddenly, as I quickly ran towards the rock my foot got caught in a tree root and I fell, bumping my head on the rock and then falling into the water.  Soon after, everything went black.

The End

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