Chapter Twenty-Two: The Competition Part FourMature

“Oh of course I would attend this croquet match!  It would be quite rude of me if I didn’t attend.” This made him chuckle again and he stood up from the table, pulling Amelia’s chair out for her as well.  She giggled and stepped beside him as he pushed the chair back in.  Suddenly a though ran across my mind and I stopped the duo in their tracks.

            “Wait, where’s Tarquin?” I asked.  Amelia thought to herself for a second.

            “Oh, he’s been at the docks since the fifth sun.  He doesn’t like to eat breakfast usually.” She responded.  “See ya around, Seeram!”  She said as Andrias hooked his arm into hers.  The two walked out of the breakfast room and off to wherever else they were venturing to, leaving Parauvin and I alone in the room.  He sucked his teeth and took a sip of his coffee.

            “I’s d’clare,” he began, “Ever since he and that princess have been making eyes he’s been acting like a damn ‘crat! At first ‘Dris was ‘oh I ain’t no ‘crat this,’ and ‘I don’t wear this crap that,’ and now he’s waltzing around like he has some crown or royal scepter stuck up his arse!  He ain’t the same, lassie!” he said as he got up from the table, taking his coffee cup with him.  He filled it up again and walked out of the room angrily, marching on as fast as his little dwarfish feet could take him.  I sighed and then finished my food.  Afterwards I picked up a croissant and a bowl of fruit and went off to the docks to find Tarquin.

            Since it was still quite early in the morning, the roads were barely filled with people.  Although the docks had many boats today, they were all bobbing quietly against the wood of the piers and the soft waves of the sea.  Suddenly from afar I saw Tarquin standing with his arm wrapped around and his feet against the post of the crow’s nest, looking into a telescope out into the ocean.  I walked up to his boat, which was quite simplistic yet admirable in its own way, and looked up at him.

            “Well good morning, sir!” I chimed with a small smile.  Startled, he hopped down into the crow’s nest and looked at me.

            “Well top of the mornin’ to ya, Miss Siram!” he responded playfully as he motioned for me to come aboard his boat.  I nodded and boarded the sea craft.  As he approached me I noticed that his shirt was left untied and his shorts were slightly rolled up.  His hair and stubble, however, were perfectly tapered.  He looked at me as he planted a soft kiss on my hand, making the butterflies in my stomach flutter rapidly.  I looked down and I noticed a peculiar, golden amulet around his neck that glistened in the sun.  I looked at my amulet, and it started to shimmer as well. 

            Tarquin stood up and walked me over to the other side of the ship.  I was amazed by how beautiful everything looked from the glow of the sun.  As he took out his telescope again, I remembered the food I got for him and gave it to him.  He thanked me and put it to his side

            “Say, Tarquin, what brings you out here so early?” I asked as I looked into his blue eyes. 

            “I like to watch the sun rise in the morning, and I also come out here to think.  It’s a beautiful thing to come out on this boat to just clear my mind and admire the world from a distance.” He responded as he collapsed his telescope and put it back into his pocket.  He began to play with the amulet around his neck.  Suddenly I looked down and realized that I still was holding the food I brought for him.

“Tarquin, I brought you a croissant and some fruit if you’d like some,” I chimed as I handed him the food.  He smiled and thanked me and began to eat.  As he was doing so the amulet was glimmering as if it were beckoning me to inquire about it.   Finally I decided to stop fighting back my curiosity to ask him.

The End

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