Chapter Twenty-Two: The Competition Part ThreeMature

I smiled at the brief note and put onto the nightstand beside the bed.  Returning to the closet, I had a difficult time deciding on what I wanted to wear.  I felt obligated to wear a dress because I was staying in the residence of the royal family of all of Minerva, but at the same time I feel that they want me to be as comfortable as possible.  I decided to go with a nice pair of white, cropped sailor shorts paired with a somewhat formal sleeveless blouse.  I put my hair into a nice bun tied with a white ribbon and skipped off to the bath.


            Finding the sunroom was quite a challenge.  When I first started off I went from the room I was staying in to some obscure and eerily quiet corridor and then from there to the grand dining hall.  After going there I waltzed off somewhere else and ended up in some parlor room, and then finally I saw one of the butlers and he kindly escorted me to the sunroom.

            The room, which was on the second floor, was completely encased in glass.  Decorated with white furniture and light blue furnishings, the room featured beautiful views of the sea and overlooked the city.  In the centre of the room was the large breakfast table with everyone sitting at it, and to the left of the table was a buffet table with a huge assortment of fruits, breads, beverages, pastries and other breakfast foods.  I swear if I weren’t civilized I would have drooled.

            I waltzed over to the table to say hello to everyone.  As expected, Parauvin was sitting quietly in a white and royal blue suit of which I assumed to be given to him by the royal family, and Andrias was sitting directly across from him, wearing a white button up and knickers.  For once his hair was nicely combed and his facial hair tapered.  Princess Amelia, of course, was sitting right next to him in a cool, creamscicle sundress, and her hair was in a neat ponytail.  She happened to be in quite a giggling fit as I approached the table.  However, what really caught my attention was that neither her parents nor Tarquin were present at the table.  Hmm, maybe they’ve already eaten.

            “Oh, Andreas, do tell me that joke again!”  I heard Amelia say as I sat down by Parauvin.  Her hand was intertwined with Andrias’. 

            “Ha-ha,” Andrias laughed “heartily”.  Although the laugh appeared to be real, deep down I knew this was all a hoax to get what he truly wants from her, “why is it that seagulls fly over the sea?  It’s because if they flew over the bay they’d be called ­bay-gulls!  Bah ha ha!”  The two “love birds” erupted into another rousing giggling fit and then looked deeply into each other’s eyes after it was all said and done.  For some reason, this has made me somewhat lose my appetite.

            “Why good morning, Seeram,” Amelia chimed sweetly as she took a bite of an apple, “please help yourself to whatever you’d like!”   I nodded my head at her and looked over at Andrias, who was giving me the most sinister smile.  I rolled my eyes and then quickly changed my countenance to something more polite.  I walked over to the buffet table with my plate in hand and grabbed some fruit, a croissant some bacon and eggs with a glass of orange juice and sat back down at the table two seats away from Parauvin.  Andrias took note of this and looked at me with a playful yet quizzical look.

            “Siram,” he began, “why are you sitting 100 knots away from us?  Come join the party!”  His tone sounded quite sarcastic as he motioned for me to move a few seats closer.  I fanned my hand at him with a soft smile and responded,

            “Oh, it’s quite alright, Andrias.  I’m just fine where I am.”  I took a bite of my croissant and continued on eating my breakfast.  He chuckled and nodded.

            “Ok, suit yourself.  I am going out with Amelia before her croquet match today in the fields.  She would love it if we all attended.”   Amelia looked at me and gave a big smile.  I smiled back.

The End

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