Chapter Twenty-Two: The Competition Part TwoMature

“Fine, we’ll stay, but just for one night. I would hate to see you upset, princess.” She giggled softly.
“Amelia. I told you I want you to call me Amelia, and I appreciate that you don’t want to offend me! Well, I’m off to get some shut eye, my bed beckons me!” She said as she started to glide off to her room. Suddenly, Andrias reached out and grabbed her hand.
“Good night, Amelia,” he crooned as he pecked her hand softly. I could see her slightly blush in the candlelight and smile. She wished us a good night and then scurried off to her room. Andrias chuckled mischievously as he watched her walk off and then walked back over to us. “I’m so damn good at what I do,” he said as he leaned against the wall. He took out a cigarette and then lit it. He took a long drag from it and then sighed. This gesture, to me, was one of the rudest things he could possibly do.
“Andrias! Put that thing out! That’s so rude of you to smoke in the castle!” I spat somewhat loudly. His eyes, which were filled with disgust, quickly darted at me and then looked away.

“Oh come off it, Maris. If you don’t want me to ‘give you paternal advice’ as you put it, then don’t try ta act like you’re my goddamn mother. Besides, I can get off scot free for doing anything I want in here. All I have to do is butter up and sweet talk the princess and tell her how beautiful she is, and I won’t have to worry about being punished for anything. And boy does she need to be buttered up.” He chuckled as he took another drag of his cigarette. Parauvin couldn’t help but chuckle at his crass and crude statement.  I rolled my eyes and just huffed.  I didn’t think the statement needed a response.  A few minutes later, Andrias put out his cigarette by pressing it against the wall and stuffed the newly-extinguished object into his pocket.  He stretched and yawned.

“Well, I do believe it’s time for me to go to bed.  I bid you good night, Siram.” He said mockingly.  He waved to Parauvin, and he nodded, following Andrias down the corridor and into another one that I presumed to be of their sleeping quarters.  I sighed and then went off to find where I was sleeping as well, hoping that the morning bring some relief to my aggravation. 


I awoke to the bright sunlight of the seventh sun.  Before this hour I was constantly stirring and waking up from my slumber because I kept this unusual dream.  No, it wasn’t like the dream about the snow hare and the wolf I had, but it was quite cryptic.  I was standing in a library full of…books.  Yes, the books were all stacked and ordered neatly, and I was just mesmerized by the extensive volumes of maps and how the world changed over time.  But the most fascinating thing to me was that there was a child sitting at a table and colouring in a book.  I was quite shocked and curious at the same time, and before I could question it I woke up.  Now I’m starting to wonder if these dreams are only dreams.

I stretched and yawned and stepped out of bed, eager to see what the royal family had in store for us today.  Curiously, I opened up the closet to reveal a plethora of dresses and other outfits.  Attached to the underside of the door was a note.  I took it off and began to read.


   I figured you didn’t prepare for staying over, so while you were blissfully sleeping I snuck in and placed an assortment of brand new clothing in the closet (yes, I was a ninja in my former life).  Please feel free to pick any of the garments that your heart desires.  If you need to use the bath, it is directly to the right of this room.  We will be meeting in the sunroom for breakfast at the ninth sun.  See you soon!

~Amelia M. 

The End

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