Chapter Twenty-One: The Iconic Dinner Date Part SixMature

“Siram, what a beautiful necklace you have on!” she complimented.  I looked at the gem and then back at her.

      “Thank you.  It was a gift from my grandmother for my sixteenth birthday.” I said, smiling to not look suspicious.  I saw the queen’s eyes linger on the gem some more and then her eyes drifted back to her plate.  Then the king cleared his throat.

      “So, Siram, you haven’t introduced us to your friends.”  I looked into my wine glass nervously and gave a small chuckle.

      “Oh, yes, how could I have forgotten?” I said with a nervous chuckle.  Andrias just gave me a smug look and sipped on his second mug of ale while Parauvin poured himself another glass of wine.  I gulped.  “Well,” I began, “the younger gentleman is Andrias, and the man beside him is Parauvin.”  Parauvin gave a nice hello, and Andrias just sat there playing with a piece of lettuce on his place.  He’s so rude.  The king nodded in their direction and began to talk to them about “manly” topics of sports and such.  Then, Tarquin fully directed his attention towards me.  Suddenly, a question came to mind.

      “Tarquin, where is your sister, Princess Amelia?” I asked.  He shrugged.

      “I haven’t the slightest clue.” He began.  “The last I’ve seen of her was that she was at Marina Fields playing croquet with her friends.” He said. 

      “I hope she can make it tonight.”

      “Me too.  It’d be a pity if she missed having her favourite soup.” She said.

      “Yes, and I really would love to meet her.” I replied with a smile.  He coughed.

      “That’s what they all say,” I heard him mumble to himself.  I looked at him skeptically.

      “Excuse me?”

      “Uh, Amelia’s really a unique individual.  The two of you will get along just fine.” He chuckled nervously.  Oh goodness, now from the tone of his voice I feel like something odd is going to occur.

      Suddenly, as the butler brought out an inhumanely large crock of soup and some bowls, there was a heavy knock on the door next to the window.  The butler placed the soup on the tables and the bowls in front of us and cautiously approached the door.  As his hand was on the knob, the mysterious person continued to vigorously knock at the door.  The butler rolled his eyes as if all of this was normal to him, and then he slowly opened the door.  The person quickly waltzed past him, not even allowing him to fully open the door and knocking him over.  When the person got close to the table, he or she stopped walking.  I turned around to see a beautiful, very tall young woman.  She was clothed in a somewhat short, bright-pink, crew neck circle dress (which was not really appropriate for the event but still beautiful) that floated on her long legs.  She had fair skin and green eyes, but what was peculiar about this girl was that although she had her blonde hair in a beautiful bun, there were leaves and twigs sticking from her head as if she used a bush as a pillow.  The two butlers stepped to her and bowed, preparing to introduce her to us, but she fanned them away.

“Tootles, gentlemen.  No need for the introduction.” She said as she approached the table.

      “Hello dearest mother, father and brother.  Hello foreign girl and foreign, dwarfish man, and- why… hello there.”   She said as she floated across the floor as if she were waltzing with herself towards the seat beside Andrias.  She sat down quickly and placed her hand on her chin to create an innocent yet cute air for herself.  “Father, are there assigned seats for this dinner because I will be sitting here to chat with my newfound male friend!” she said.  A feeling of awkwardness began to fall among us as Amelia looked deep into Andrias’ brown eyes.  He looked back at her, with awkwardness of course, but his eyes also had the same expression as hers.  Seems as if the two were attracted to each other.  The king then spooned up some soup from the crock.

The End

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