Chapter Twenty-One: The Iconic Dinner Date Part FiveMature

They all stood before us awkwardly and were wondering that same thing that we were.  Where was Princess Amelia?  The butlers looked around and then sounded the bugles again.

      “Presenting Princess Amelia!”  They yelled again in unison.  We stood there a few seconds after, and there was still no sign of her.  We were all standing around and not exchanging words.  The butlers were beginning to get a tad bit nervous.  The bugles sounded one more time.

      “Presenting… Princess Amelia?” they said in a questionable voice.  It was now clear to us that she definitely wasn’t going to show up anytime soon.  The king and queen both sighed and approached us.  The king gave us all a hearty hello and shook hands with Parauvin and Andrias, and he kissed my hand in a friendly manner.  I blushed at this gesture.  The queen also said hello and kissed the three of us on each cheek and then followed the king to the table.  Tarquin finally approached us and did the same thing as his father did, but the kiss he planted on my hand was much more flirtatious, and judging by the look in his blue eyes he was being quite “romantic” tonight.  I blushed again, and the three of us returned to the table.  The king and queen were standing at each end of the table, and the butlers rushed to seat them.  Tarquin was then seated next to me across from Parauvin.  The butlers brought a whole pitcher of wine for the whole table along with a large bowl of salad.  I reached to serve myself some of the salad, but Tarquin fanned my hand away.

      “Don’t worry about that.  Let me serve you,” he said kindly.  He picked up my salad plate and spooned some into it.  He placed the dish in front of me and gave a small smile.  I smiled back.

      “Thank you, Tarquin,” I responded.  He nodded.  At that moment, I could have sworn that I saw Andrias give me a smug look, but I decided to shrug it off anyway.  I don’t need negativity tonight.

      “So what brings you to Minerva?” the king asked us collectively as he poured himself some wine.  Andrias just stared into his empty beer mug, not even bothering to touch his salad while Parauvin was trying so hard not to eat his salad like a pig.  Well, looks like I have to answer this one. 

      "We’re here running some errands.  We needed supplies and specialties for the ship, and we couldn’t wait long enough to sail to the next resource town.  Also, I wanted to visit Minerva since I’ve never been before.” I lied as I clutched at the gem.  The king nodded and took a sip of his wine.

      “Yes, Siram is from Porter’s Landing and has never left the town since birth.  She told me that she is having much fun sailing around the seas on her travels.  Father, remember when we used to go on many trips together, and we visited all those different kingdoms and islands?” he asked.  The king smiled.

      “Yes I do son.  I think the best trip we’ve had together was to go deep sea fishing off the coast of the Cerulean Archipelago.” He responded.  Tarquin chuckled gleefully as he forked up some salad to his mouth.  The queen then looked at me and smiled.

The End

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