Chapter Twenty-One: The Iconic Dinner Date Part FourMature

      The butlers directed us to follow them through a long hallway, which was also heavily ornate yet beautiful, and soon after our “tour” ended in the dining room, another room that was large and teeming with sophistication.  The room was filled with paintings of the sea, the harbor and nature, and tapestries of ancient Minervan tribes were strung along the walls.  In the center of this room was a great, long table, surrounded by twelve chairs with one chair at each of the ends.  The table was beautifully set with blue and gold plates, and to the left of the table was door next to a large window overlooking a beautifully lit garden.  This castle, from what I saw thus far, was perfect. 

      The butlers pulled out chairs for us, and Andrias and Parauvin were sitting in the chairs opposite of mine in the center of the table.  Andrias and I were practically parallel from each other.  The butlers each pushed our chairs in and both cleared their throats.

      “Milady and gentlemen,” they began loudly in unison, “the host and his family would like to send their apologies of their tardiness and do assure that they will be arriving shortly.  Would any of you like something to drink?”  Andrias and Parauvin perked up.

      “Yes, please.  I would like a cup of tea.” I said.  The butlers turned to Parauvin and Andrias.

      “I’ll take a mug of your finest ale, please.” 

      “And I’s will take a glass of Minervan White, please.” Parauvin responded with a grin.  Andrias looked at him with sheer horror as the two butlers sauntered off to the kitchen.  Andrias grabbed Parauvin’s shoulder.

      “Oi!  What has gotten into you?  First you agree to come to this dinner date, and now you’re drinking wine like you’re some king?!  What has gotten into you?!” He said, almost yelling.  Parauvin did a hand signal to calm him.

      “Relax, mate.  Drinking wine doesn’t make me no ‘crat!  You’s know damn well that I’m not!” he retorted with a whisper.  Andrias cursed under his breath and reclined back as if he were at home.  All the while I was nervous about how this whole thing was going to unfold when our hosts finally arrive.  Needless to say that I’m quite scared.  Shortly, the butlers returned with our drinks and then went off to get the hosts.  I drank my tea in small sips to not look like a glutton.  All the while, Andrias was guzzling down his ale.  All of a sudden, there was a sound of two bugles playing, and the butlers stood in the archway that led into the dining room.  The three of us turned our attention to them.

      “Presenting the Minervan Royal Family: King Lionel, Queen Phoebe, Prince Tarquin and Princess Amelia!”  The butlers yelled.  The three of us stood up to welcome our hosts.  I saw a tall, well-built man walk into the room.  The man, who I presumed to be King Lionel, had grey hair and captivating blue eyes.  He was clothed in a white shirt and black pants.  A woman followed behind him.  She was much shorter and much younger, a little on the stocky side and had her blonde hair pinned into a neat yet elegant bun.  Her gorgeous green eyes shown beautifully against her simple yet sophisticated black and silver gown.  Tarquin was the last to follow in behind, wearing a black shirt with a white tie and pants to match the shirt.  After seeing him with his family, I was fully convinced that he was indeed a royal, and I actually felt bad for my snobbish accusations. 

The End

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