Chapter Twenty-One: The Iconic Dinner Date Part ThreeMature

“So, aren’t you guys excited about this?  We get to have a fun, fantastic dinner together!” I chimed, trying to add enthusiasm to the situation.  Parauvin cleared his throat while Andrias dug into his pocket and pulled out his lighter and a pipe.

      “Yeah I practically jumping in my boots I’m just that excited,” He mumbled, lighting the object between his lips.  He took a drag of it and exhaled.  I rolled my eyes.  Suddenly, a carriage arrived, and I quickly got into it.  The two men followed suit, and the driver shook the reins of horse slightly.

      “So where are we off to, milady?” the driver asked.

      “100 Castle Way, please.” I responded as I fiddled with my coin purse.  He nodded, and then we set off to the castle. 

      When we finally got to the castle I was shocked by how massive and beautiful it was up close.  From afar, the structure was breathtaking, but up close it was as if it were on a whole other level.  The castle was surrounded by beautiful plants gorgeous lights, and cobble of the walkway looked as if it were not cracked and not tampered with.  While we all walked up the walkway, Andrias kept making noises of disgust.  He’s probably just griping about the fact that we’re going to the castle to have dinner.  Little does he know that Tarquin is probably some common boy that’s acting like he’s some prince.  Ha!  They should get along just fine!  When we finally arrived at the massive, ten-foot front door, I pulled the knocker and hit it against the door twice.  We waited for four minutes until two burly and very tall guards opened the door. 

      “Hark!  Who goes there?” the one to my right bellowed.  I gulped silently and chuckled nervously.

      “We are the esteemed guests of Tarquin for tonight’s dinner.” I said, mustering up any strength to not seem scared.  The guards nodded.  The guard to my left then pulled out a bugle and played some form of fanfare on it.

      “The esteemed dinner guests are here!” He announced proudly.   Minutes later we heard another bugle sounding from within the castle and the same message being relayed.  Suddenly, two butlers approached us and guided us into the castle, and what I saw was beyond belief.

      The entrance hall of the castle was beautiful!  Adorned with marble floors, this room had a plethora of photographs and generational family paintings starting with the first royal family.  In   From the door to the back stairs ran a long indigo-coloured rug with golden embroidery, and from the ceiling hung a massive, candle-lit chandelier.  Ah, I even felt like royalty just from being contained within these welcoming walls of the castle.  Andrias, however, did not feel the same way, as he scoffed at what he saw.  My goodness, nothing ever seems to please him! 

The End

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