Chapter Twenty-One: The Iconic Dinner Date Part TwoMature

“So, I’ve called you both into this room to have a brief meeting with you.  Today, as I was roaming the city by my lonesome, I ran into a very nice person, and this person was so friendly and kind that I was even invited to have dinner tonight with said person and the person’s family.”I began, trying not to put a gender or an identity to Tarquin.  “I was going to accept and go on my own, but I thought about you two and inquired if I could bring you along for the meal, since it was not fair to me that I’d be eating a fantastic meal and you two wouldn’t be.  So I was wondering if you would like to join me tonight.” I asked.  There was a slight pause, and then Parauvin nodded his head in agreement.  Andrias, on the other hand, seemed to be quite perplexed and deep in thought about this matter.

      “I’s think it’s a grand idea, lassie,” Parauvin chimed, probably attracted to the sound of a free hot meal, “what’s the dress code fors this ‘casion?  Is it casual or-”

      “Parauvin are you serious?!  You know that we don’t take charity from people.  What the hell has gotten into you?  No, Maris, I appreciate this little-invitation- that you’ve seem to get for yourself and that you want us to tag along, but I ain’t no charity case!” he responded.  Really, Andrias?  Must you be so melodramatic for no apparent reason?

      “Oh come on, ‘Dris?  Swallow your pride!  Someone is willing to feed us!  We don’t have to pay for food tonight!  What more could we’s possibly ask for?”  Parauvin said.  I nodded and chimed along with him to convince Andrias to join us.  Andrias at first was staunch about not going, but then he finally reached his breaking point.

      “Fine, dammit!  I’ll go with you to this dinner thing.”  He groaned.  Parauvin and I exchanged faces of joy.

      “So why don’t we all go freshen up and put on nice clothing?  Nothing too formal but nothing too casual, you know… a happy medium!” I said, excited about this dinner date.  Andrias sucked his teeth and then strolled off to go get changed.  Oh Piem, I smell a great night.


      As we stood on the harbor waiting for a carriage to pass by so we can ride off to the castle, the three of us stood in front of a lamp post.  It was about a quarter to six, and the sun was almost fully set in the distance.  The night sky was a dusty indigo colour filled with vibrant splotches of white and streaks of blue. 

      The three of us were all clothed in semi-formalwear.  I was wearing a black dress that had a lace top with a bottom that flowed out at the waist underneath.  Parauvin had on a black two piece suit and a top hat, and Andrias had on a black shirt, which was unbuttoned slightly to expose his chest, and a pair of pants.  As we were all standing in awkward silence, I’ve decided to break this with small chit-chat.

The End

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