Chapter Twenty-One: The Iconic Dinner Date Part OneMature

Chapter Twenty-One: The Iconic Dinner Date

      After chatting with Tarquin a little, I decided to go grab a light lunch before going back to the ship.  As I wandered around the city to look for a quick meal, I found a quaint little bakery just two streets away from the harbor.  Intrigued by the look and smell of this place, I skipped into the bakery to grab something to eat. 

      About an hour later I left the bakery, feeling quite full of and satisfied by all the delicious breads and pastries I’ve sampled.  It was about four in the afternoon, and I was certain that Andrias and Parauvin were back at the boat having a siesta prior to going back out for a night at a tavern.  I quickly went to the boat in hopes of one of them still being there.  As I went down the stairs to knock on Andrias’ door, I hear considerably loud snoring and nodded.  I was right!  He was home!  I knocked vigorously to rouse him in his sleep.  The first knock he didn’t respond to, but after two more I heard him abruptly shift in his bed and groan,

      “Alright!  Who the hell keeps knockin’ at my door!  I’m trying to sleep!” he yelled.  I was now a little skeptical to respond due to his not so friendly tone, but I didn’t have to since he then threw the door open.  Andrias’ was half asleep.  His eyes looked puffy, and he was clad in only his lounge pants.  My, he must have been really having a great nap.

      “I’m sorry to wake you, Andrias, but I have to talk to you and Parauvin about something,” I said sheepishly, yet I was trying very hard to not show him how afraid I was.  He huffed.

      “Well, girlie, is this important because if it isn’t then I will gladly thank you for taking ample time from my siesta, and I will go back to sleep.” He retorted, wiping some snot off of his noise.  I cringed at the sight of this.

      “Yes, it’s quite important actually!  Why don’t you put on a shirt, and meet me in the sitting room?”  I asked.  He nodded reluctantly and closed the door behind him.  I then went off to go to see what Parauvin was up to.  After waking him up, the two of us were in the sitting room, and a few minutes later, Andrias joined us.

      “Alright, make this quick,” he said as he plopped down on the couch, “I would like to return to my nap.”  I watched him recline back, and then I cleared my throat to speak.

The End

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