Chapter Twenty: The Gold in the Garden Part TwoMature

Then, out of the blue I felt someone sit onto the bench next to me.  I was mortified to even look at this person.  I tried to dry my eyes to looks somewhat presentable, although I assume that I know have ruddy eyes.  I slowly turned around to look at this person, and my eyes were met by the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen.  Aside from the eyes, I was looking at a very handsome man.  He was a quite tall and slender man with fair skin that had a slight tan as if he were out in the garden exposed to the sun.  His facial structure looked mature, but it also had like a noble youthfulness (if that even makes sense) to it.  However, the most peculiar thing about him was his short, blonde tresses.  Yes, his blonde hair was a gorgeous gold colour that exuded a sense of royalty.  
  The young man looked at me with a compassionate look.  He softly patted me on the shoulder.

“Are you ok, miss?” he asked me, his voice filled with sincerity.  I nodded.

“I’m quite alright, sir.  There was something in my eyes, and I just had to get it out, you know?” I lied.  I didn’t want a complete stranger to know what was wrong with me.  I gave me an unsure look.

      “Are you sure?  I was over there planting some gardenias, and I could have sworn that I heard you crying.” He said.  I looked down and noticed his gardening gloves and spade.  I was awestruck.

      “Yes, I’m mentally sorting out things, and many of these things are quite painful.  I’m a little homesick, that’s all.  I pretty much have nowhere else to go.”  I responded.  He patted me and took my hand in his.

      “Well, for starters, my name is Tarquin, and I just want to let you know that whatever is ailing you will be alright and that I full-heartedly understand your situation.  As far as being homesick goes, I really do feel for you because I haven’t left Minerva since I was an infant, so I can see how hard it is.” His voice was so smooth and comforting.  I swear I wanted to fall asleep in his arms.  I smiled in response to his comment.  I thanked him and shook his hand.

      “Well, my name is Siram, and I’m from Porter’s Landing.” I lied again.  He nodded.

      “Hmm, Siram; that’s a beautiful name.  It’s very…unique.”  He replied with interest.  I giggled softly. 

      “Why thank you!  It was my grandmother’s middle name!” He nodded.  Suddenly his eyes widened and he looked at me.

      “Siram, didn’t you mention that you had nowhere to stay?”

      “Yes, I did.  Why?”  He paused for a moment.

      “Well, if you don’t have anywhere to stay then you can possibly stay with me for the night!  We have more than enough room at the castle!” He chimed.  The castle?  Hah!  Oh, he’s probably one of those peasant workers.  I’d be staying with him on some form of straw cot.  But then again, I’d give anything to get off the boat.  There was just one problem: what about Andrias and Parauvin?

“Well, I’d love to take you up on your offer, but I have two friends, and they need somewhere to stay too!  Now if you don’t want the three of us to stay with you then I totally under-”

“Of course we have room for your friends!  You all are more than welcome!  Hey, why don’t you join us for dinner tonight?  We love company!”  He said gaily.  His blue orbs were filled with excitement and happiness.  Although I was unsure of the legitimacy of his offer, I decided to go with my gut feeling and to just agree to his dinner invitation first, just to see if this was all worthwhile.

      “You know, the three of us dining with you doesn’t sound like a bad idea!  We’ll come to dinner then!” I replied.  He smiled happily!

      “Well then,” he began as he shook my hand, “It’s a deal!”




The End

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