Chapter Nineteen: The Kingdom Part ThreeMature

“Land ho!” he shouted as he tossed the heavy anchor off the side of the boat.  He adjusted his clothes upon himself and then put down the wooden ramp to get off the ship.  Andrias shortly followed after, puffing away at a pipe, and then reluctantly I went with them as well.  When we finally got off the boat, I was extremely amazed by how the city looked.  Wow, it looks just like the pictures in the textbook showed.  The harbor and the buildings around it were all well constructed and even looked rich!    As we walked passed these buildings in the streets flooded with people (who also looked rich and probably were), I noticed that each one had a blue flag hanging on it with a white oyster with a pearl as the logo.  I found this to be quite peculiar, considering that Cheul doesn’t have flags on every building.  Suddenly Parauvin and Andrias veered off to the right and stopped under a shop awning.  Parauvin cleared his throat and began to speak.

      “‘Dris, do you plan on scouting the town today?” he asked as he thumbed through a pedestrians’ map.  Andrias took another puff of his pipe.

      “Of course I am.  What are you planning to do?” He asked.  Parauvin grinned mischievously.

      “Well I’s haven’t had a mug of ale in ages, and I also wanted to go that underground necromancer bookstore to buy another spell book.  I’s afeard that the one I have now is quite dated.  My concern is, what is Maris going to do if we’re splitting up?” Parauvin replied.  Andrias shrugged as if he could care less about what I wanted to do.

      “Well, I assume she can go shopping or go to the library or the croquet courts.  I dunno, she’s a woman now she can obviously go by herself and keep herself busy,” he said nonchalantly.  Well, I be!

      “You know what? Why don’t you go off to run your errands while I can go to the necromancer bookstores with Parauvin and keep him company?”  I suggested.  Parauvin’s face lit up with uncertainty.

      “No, lassie, there’s nothing in those stores that would interest ye.” He said, trying to convince me to not go with him.  I nodded.

      “That’s not true.  I’m pretty sure that I could find something that appeals to me.  As you very well know, I am a flexible person.”  I responded.  He huffed.

      “Lassie, to be quite frank, I don’t want you’s to come with me.  I don’t wanna be looking at books and have to deal with yer nose-poking, and you’d probably ask too many damn questions!  You’s be better off going shopping and such.  Off with ye!”  He said, handing me a pedestrians’ map.  I huffed again and marched off to only Piem knows where.  One would think that their own crew mates would be open to allowing them to go places with them, but as far as they’re concerned I’m nothing but a pest.  It would have been nice if Andrias would have said,

      “Girlie, you can tag along with me,” or something along the lines of that, but then again he’s not that type of person.  I can’t even rely on Parauvin either because I’ll only cause more issues for him.  Well if that’s that case, then dammit, if I must go off on my own and have fun then I’ll do so.  Forget them.

As I was walking up the street to the centre of town I opened up the map and looked for somewhere interesting to go.  There were literally thousands of places to go.  There was a museum about the history of Minerva, which I was going to go to but I decided against it.  There were a plethora of croquet courts to go to, but I didn’t want to play with strangers.  Suddenly I saw an icon that was northwest of the castle called “Victory Gardens”. 

Hmm, that sounds serene and tranquil.  Perhaps I will venture over to the gardens.  I thought to myself as I folded up the map and put it into my small purse.  Being that I was slightly cooled down after my anger spell, I started for the Victory Gardens, feeling hopeful about my visit there.

The End

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