Chapter Nineteen: The Kingdom Part TwoMature

“Yes!  It’s about thirty knots from here!”  He responded.  I saw him quickly hop down onto the ladder.  When he got down from the nest I was able to see what he what he was actually wearing.  Surprisingly, Andrias was well dressed!  He wore a tweed jacket and vest with a pair of knickers and dress shoes.  His hair and stubble was well groomed. 

      He collapsed the telescope and looked at me.  He laughed.

      “I see someone is trying to get a husband.  Oh wait, I forgot you had a fiancé. ” he chuckled facetiously.  I tried to disregard his comment. 

      “Let’s just be as cordial as possible on this trip, ok Andrias?”  I asked gruffly.  He laughed again.

      “Anything you say, girlie.” He said.  He winked and he suddenly did something that was out of line.  He tapped my… behind lightly and then went off to go talk to Parauvin.  I wasn’t well aware of his intentions behind that crude gesture, but I knew that it was a dirty and outrageous thing to do, and I was completely taken aback by this.  I wanted to say something to him, but there was no reason.  He’d have a greater comeback anyway.

      About an hour later the ship was preparing to dock.  I decided to go downstairs and pack a few things in a valise to take to the hotel.    I threw in some of the nicest dresses, skirts and blouses in my wardrobe, along with my stockings and undergarments of course, and shuffled back upstairs with the valise.  When Andrias and Parauvin saw me come up with the suitcase they erupted into laughter.  I was confused by this.

      “What’s the matter now?”  I asked.  They laughed again.

      “Girlie, do you think we’re on vacation now?”  Andrias asked.  I shook my head.

      “Well, I suppose this is a glorified form of a vacation because all I see us doing is sailing from place to place and just exploring the sights, and if that’s the case I assume that we would be obtaining some form of room and board as well.” I responded.  They laughed even harder.   It’s such a good feeling to be mocked by your own crew mates.

      “Well, Maris, you’ve supposed wrong.  This is not a vacation.  This is a quest for something… something that you have yet to learn about and will not learn about soon.  Also, although we’ve only been to Minerva or the Kingdom of Minerva twice, we have never paid to stay anywhere, considering that everything here is affected by heavy taxes and inflation.  So I suggest you go put the suitcase down before we dock since you have no need for it.”  I huffed silently and stomped back to room to put the valise away.  After allowing myself to cool down, I returned to the deck and waited for the docking of the ship. 

      From a short distance Minerva looks like such a beautiful place.  Built on a mountainside, the buildings all were going up the mountain in a beautiful cascade, starting with the large harbor.  In the centre of all these beautiful buildings was a grand castle with blue flags on the peaks.  I was in awe at the beauty and the boat came to a stop at the harbor.  Parauvin released the wheel as he went off to throw the anchor.

The End

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