Chapter Nineteen: The Kingdom Part OneMature

Chapter Nineteen: The Kingdom

      This morning I awoke happily and carefree.  I stretched and yawned and sauntered over to my closet.  I searched around for the perfect dress; a dress that didn’t make me look too common or too aristocratic; something simple yet elegant.  Finally, after minutes of searching I found the perfect dress.  It was light ecru with a floral print.  The dress also was cinched at the waist with a pink ribbon and had short, ruffled sleeves.  I threw the dress onto the bed, got out my undergarments and hosiery and then went off to take a bath. 

      Unfortunately for me the bath was already occupied.  I knocked on the door.

      “Say, how long are you going to be in there?  I must prepare for docking as well,” I yelled into the door.  I heard the person in there huff, and I heard the sound of the water draining out the tub.  A few minutes later the door flew open and it was Andrias… who looked quite refreshed was only covered by a towel wrapped around his waist.  Mind you I tried very hard to avert my eyes from the sight.

      “Dammit, can a man get a decent bath around here?!” He asked.  I giggled softly as I looked away from him.  I was quite embarrassed by the whole situation.

      “I’m sorry but I-um- I must prepare as well and I suggest you go-yeah- go get dressed…please.” I was blushing madly at this point, and I tried to keep my face fully turned away from Andrias.  He noticed my embarrassment and chuckled softly.  He cupped my chin with his hand so that I could face him dead on in the eyes.

      “Sometimes you’re just too prim an’ proper, girlie.” He said, releasing my chin.  He gave a devious smile and walked off to his room.  Still blushing, I skipped into the bathroom to have my bath.

      After my bath I returned to my room to start on my hair.  While sitting in front of the mirror at the vanity, I stared into the mirror at my now black tresses and my temporarily-green eyes.  Although I still think that this hair colour makes me look like an old hag, I must admit that the combination of black hair and green eyes is quite nice though.  I my hair dangle about my shoulders and put on my clothing.  I slipped on my dress boots and my pink bow headband and checked myself out in the mirror, reveling in the way I looked today.  I took out a small coin purse and skipped off to the top of the boat.

      Outside, Parauvin, who was clad in a two piece suit, was steering the boat towards this giant land mass that looked as if it took up half the sea.  He looked back and up at the crow’s nest.

      “ ‘Dris,” he said, “do you see the castle?”  I looked up and faintly saw what appeared to be Andrias staring through the telescope.

The End

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