Chapter Eighteen: Elsa? Part TwoMature

      “Parauvin, I can’t stand this!  I don’t want him to die!” I shouted, my eyes welling up with tears.  Parauvin shook his head.

      “He’s not dying, lassie.  This has being going on long before you were even in the picture.”  He replied calmly.  What does he mean?  Am I missing something?

        Suddenly the noises stopped, and all you could hear was Andrias’ breathing starting to slow.  His teeth and nails were returning to normalcy, and his facial and body hair became human-like again.  Andrias laid there limp and exhausted as if he fought ten battles prior.  I felt for him.  I really did, but at the same time I felt relieved that he wasn’t dying.

      Parauvin sat down on the bed next to him, checking Andrias’ pulse.  He rubbed his back in a loving and paternal way and patted his head.

      “It’s ok, mate,” he began, his face full of sadness, “we’s gonna get this fixed.”  I looked at him solemnly.

      “Is there something you’re not telling me?”  I asked.  Parauvin took his hand off of him and clasped both hands together.  He sighed and looked around the room.

      “Maris, Andrias has more than just a sea bug… he’s cursed.”  I gave him a puzzled look.

      “What do you mean cursed?”

      “Well, when Andrias was fifteen he was living with me in Solaris, my home city, and he was dating my niece, Elsa, who is the daughter of the Sultan of Solaris, my brother.  The lass was destined to be his bride until a wind called him and told him to seek the treasure he was trying to find.  He left her in the dark, and she was so hurt that she cursed him to dwell the earth as a wolf, preying upon women and being a complete animal.  So I’s found a way to help him by giving him a potion that keeps him from turning into a wolf every six months, but it doesn’t suppress his anger or philandering around.”  Parauvin shifted a little in his seat.  I could tell this was a touchy subject for him.

      “So how does one break the curse?”  I asked.

      “He has to marry her, and if he doesn’t she’ll just make it worse for him.”  I honestly feel like there’s another alternative to breaking this horrid spell, but I don’t think Parauvin wants to disclose this information.  None the matter, I’ll say it for him.

      “If he kills her, will the spell be broken?”  Parauvin stopped and thought quietly to himself.

      “Well of course, but I’s don’t want him to kill one of my only nieces.”  He whispered.  Parauvin got up from the bed and covered Andrias with the blanket.  He started to leave but stopped himself in the doorway.

      “We’s be in Minerva by the twelfth sun tomorrow, lassie.  I suggest you pick out something nice to wear.  We’s don’t want to scare the ‘crats now, do we?”  He said with a small smile as he left the room.  I smiled to myself and then walked up to Andrias.  I slowly lifted his hairline and planted a small kiss upon his forehead.  He shifted a little but then went back into his motionless state.  Grinning, I skipped off to my room, thankful that Andrias was safe and himself again.


The End

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