Chapter Eighteen: Elsa? Part OneMature

Chapter Eighteen: Elsa?

      Two days have passed since the argument, and Andrias’ sickness has worsened.  Not only is he now look sicker and scruffier, he’s starting to even act more like a beast.  Last night he was ripping apart his steak with his teeth like he just pounced down a cow for food, and earlier today his soup was apparently “just below the right temperature” and he threw the bowl at me!  I was so angry because of this that I just retired myself to my room for the day, not even bothering to clean up the broken bowl and soup.  Now I’m really starting to doubt that this is just a sea bug.  I think he’s mentally insane.

      But then again… I always thought he was.

      For four hours now I’ve been sitting in my room, reading this book about sprites at my desk in front of the window, hoping that we get to Minerva soon.  Suddenly, there was a loud pounding at the door.  I didn’t even bother to look away from my book.

      “Andrias go away I don’t plan on being your servant tonight,” I said coldly, flipping the page of the book. 

      “ ‘Tis not ‘Dris.  ‘Tis me.” Parauvin said.  I sighed heavily and opened up the door.  I must have given him the most horrible look ever.

      “Listen I don’t really want to be bothered right now, so make this quick.”  I snapped.  Without another word, Parauvin yanked me by the arm from my room and pulled me into the hallway, marching me all the way to Andrias’ room.  Parauvin threw the door open and dragged me into the room, closing the door behind us, and only Piem knows what I’m witnessing right now. 

      Andrias’ room was a complete and utter mess.  It did not reek of any horrible smells or odors, but there was a strong smell of sweat with a hint of blood.  The furniture seemed as if it had bite marks and scratches on them, and the curtains were tattered and torn.  However, the most horrid sight was I saw him lying  face down in the bed, his teeth and nails sharp like an animal’s and his snores sounding like growls.  Parauvin motioned for me to take caution and step back.  He slowly approached the bed.  He tapped Andrias on his shoulder, and Andrias quickly turned and grabbed Parauvin’s throat, growling at him.  I stood far away as I watched this horrid scene.  I was trapped in my own fear.  Parauvin, who seemed to be startled but not fully afraid, reached into his pocket and pulled out a vial of purple liquid.  He forced the concoction down Andrias’ throat, and he recoiled back in pain, abruptly dropping Parauvin.  The sounds that escaped from his mouth were horrendous.  He sounded as if he was dying a slow, traumatic and painful death, and we just stood back and watched him.  Finally, I had enough.  I tried to go save him but Parauvin stopped me.   I was shocked.

The End

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