Chapter Seventeen: Siram I Am Part FourMature



      “What is this dog tattoo for?” I asked.  He paused. 

      “Um, it’s nothing.  I got it when it when I was with one of my former significant others.” He said.  Well, it seems to me that he has more of a past than he’s telling.

      “Oh.” I said as I went back to washing his back.  When I was done he thanked me and dismissed me so he could get out of the tub.  At that point, Parauvin was calling me from above the ship, and I quickly ran upstairs to go see what he needed.

      Parauvin was standing at the wheel, looking at his compass when I came up from bellow.  He turned around when he heard me.

      “Where’s ‘Dris?” He asked.  I shrugged.

      “I think he’s getting dressed now.”  Parauvin huffed,

      “Andrias, get your arse up here right now!  We’re having a crew meeting!”  He yelled down.  We stood up there patiently, and two minutes later he emerged clad in nothing but a pair of knickers and carrying a bowl of soup.  My, Andrias’ body was PERFECT!  His chest was toned and his abs, oh his abs looked like you play chess on them.  He smiled and then went over to lean against the tower.

      “I swear, Maris.  You make the best soup.  This is almost like how me mum used to make it.”  I thanked him and then directed my attention back to Parauvin.

      “Well, I’s decided to call a meeting because we have to determine some things.  Maris I’ve decided that we have to call you by another name when we’re out in public, so people don’t try to take you back to Cheul.  Pick a name.”  He said.  I thought to myself about what I wanted my name to be.  I wanted something unique and cool sounding, but I also wanted something that is somewhat relatable to my name but in a clever way.  Hmm…yes!  I’ve got it!

      “Hey!  How about Siram?  It’s not a common name, but it’s only my name backwards, so it would work!”  Parauvin thought to himself briefly and then smiled in agreement!

      “Yes, you’re right!  It is fitting!  Siram it is!  Now to the second order of business; ‘Dris, where do you want to go next?”  He asked.  Andrias took another spoonful of soup and then spoke.

      “We gotta go to Minerva next.  I have a few things I have to-uh- attend to there.” He looked at me as he said this.  Parauvin nodded.

      “How long are we going to be there?  We still have places we need to-”

      “I know we still have to go to Solaris, but what’s needed to be done in Minerva is more important at this point.” 

      “And just why do you’s always seem to have a plan to avoid going to Solaris?  You’re gunna have ta see her at some point.”  Ok, they’ve lost me. 

      Andrias huffed at this and chucked the bowl of soup at Parauvin, completely missing him.  Man that was a waste of soup.

      “Dammit, why the hell must you always relate things to Elsa?  You always think that I’m trying to avoid her!”  He erupted in anger, his eyes turned red, and his teeth appeared to be sharper.

      “See?!  There you go again, Andrias!  You’re always trying to avoid the bigger issue, and you still get angry when you’re called on it!  This is why you’re sick now!  If you would have just married her you wouldn’t be in this predica-”

      “Parauvin, I have told you countless times already that I don’t want to be with Elsa.  I don’t see why you can’t get that through your skull.”  He sighed and stormed off to his room.  Parauvin cursed to himself and then went back to steering the boat.  Elsa?  Who’s Elsa?


The End

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