Chapter Seventeen: Siram I Am Part ThreeMature

      “Yeah, I want cheese and potato soup with bacon in it.”  He walked then just walked off to take his bath, leaving an awkward silence in the room.

    You’re welcome.  I thought to myself as I trudged into the kitchen to get started on the soup, my good mood soiled.

      As the soup was simmering away on the stove, I heard Andrias call out to me from the bathroom.  I put the lid on the pot and then walked over to the bathroom door.

      “What is it, Andrias?  Is everything alright?” I asked.  I heard him clear his throat.

      “Yes, everything’s fine.  Can you just wash my hair and my back please?”  He asked.  I paused, and I felt my cheeks begin to redden.  Did he really just ask me to do that?  I opened the door slowly and walked into the bathroom, thanking Piem that he was covered in bubbles.  I closed the door behind me and kneeled in front of the tub.  Andrias saw the uncertainty in my eyes and laughed.

      “Don’t worry, girlie.  You won’t see the goods.” He said coyly.  I swear I wanted to gag at his crude comment.  He handed me the soap and a pitcher full of the bathwater and I began to scrub his hair.  He sighed and leaned his head back, sticking out his tongue in delight like some dog that saw a steak.  I was quite disgusted by this.

      “Oh, Piem, that’s great.  Damn, Maris, you should do this more often.” He sighed, relishing in my “perfect” hair-washing skills.

      “Don’t get used to this,” I began, “I’m only doing this because you seem as if you can hardly function on your own at the moment.”  We both chuckled at this.  After rinsing and soaping his hair three times, I grabbed the loofa and lathered some soap in it to wash his back.  When I saw his back, I was amazed by all the tattoos he had.  There was one peculiar tattoo of a dog-like animal that held my attention.

The End

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