Chapter Seventeen: Siram I Am Part TwoMature

“So Parauvin, is Andrias still sleeping?”  I asked my nose still in the book.  He placed the pot onto the burner and sat down across from me.

      “Yeah he’s snoring away.  Earlier this morning when we set sail he was griping about not feeling well, so I’s ‘pose we won’t see him until later on today.”  I nodded and yawned, feeling sleepy again.

      “So what do you want to eat for dinner tonight, Parauvin?” I yawned.  He shrugged.

      “Whatever you’s want to make, lassie.  I’s have no preference today.” He said.  I nodded again and stretched, getting up from my place. 

      “Well, Parauvin, I think my bed is calling me again.  I’ll talk to you later.”  He grunted, and I left for my room again to go back to sleep. 


      Hours later, around midday, I woke up feeling refreshed and carefree.  I sprung out of bed, singing a gleeful tune and skipped into the bathroom to take a nice bath.  As the bathwater was running, I was gaily throwing off my clothes and singing “For the Love of Glorious Daffodils” at the top of my lungs.  I threw the gem onto the counter and I hopped into the tub, still singing at the top of my lungs of course.  I stayed in the tub for about a good hour or so and then hopped out, grabbing my soiled clothing and the gem.  I put on my robe and pranced off to my room once more.

      I grabbed a pair of shorts and a shirt from the armoire and quickly threw them on.  Placing the gem around my neck, I pranced off into the sitting room to see Parauvin, who was sitting in the reclining chair, eating a sandwich and listening to the weather report on the radiotelegraph.  I happily plopped down onto the couch and laid down.  Oh Piem, I was in heaven.  Parauvin took notice of my happiness and found it quite peculiar.

      “Aye, what’s got you all pepped up, lassie?  Even this morning you’s seemed to be all gay and whatnot.”  He said, his mouth full of a piece of sandwich.  I chuckled softly and sighed.

      “I don’t know, actually.  I’m just in a good mood, that’s all.”  Suddenly, a door slammed, and there was the sound of feet dragging across the wooden floor of the hallway.  Then there was a groaning sound to accompany it, and there he was.  Andrias, standing in the middle of the archway to the sitting room looked as if he were tossed around by some animal.  Draped in a blanket, his hair was matted and appeared as if it hasn’t been combed or washed in days, and his facial hair (which was so attractive when I first met him) was scraggly and unkempt.  His eyes were red like an animal with bloodlust, and the rest of his being looked pale and sickly.  My goodness, he looked bestial.

      “Ugh what the hell is all this racket for?  Can’t you see a man’s trying to have a nice sleep?” he asked sourly, his voice so scratchy it sounded like he was growling.  I was taken aback by his comment. 

      “Well, Andrias we were just talking and listening to the weather report that’s all, and what’s wrong?   You look like you’ve been tossed around by a sea storm.” I replied.  He groaned.

      “Well, I was trying to sleep until I heard you in the bathroom singing about love and fields full of freaking daffodils, and no shit I don’t look good!  I’m sick out of my mind!”  Ugh, he’s definitely sick because he’s whining.  How unattractive.

      “I’m sorry to hear that.  Hey, why don’t you go take yourself a nice, hot bath, and I’ll make you your favourite soup!  What do you say?” I asked.  He’s definitely not going to say no to this one.  I’ve already agreed to wait on him hand-and-foot.  He coughed and pondered to himself quietly and then nodded his head.

The End

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